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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 3 Recap

Turning his head and looking at each other, Gu Shengnan wore a mask and half-hidden his face. Lu Jin held a headscarf in his hand, comparing the half of his face in front of him with the girl who came with bad luck. The eyebrows and eyes are similar, so it is not easy to pull other people’s masks directly, which would be too rude. Said apologetics and confessed his mistake and made a move, but he asked casually about the hijab if he was not prepared for Gu Shengnan’s.

The blame is that the tone is too casual to let people relax their vigilance, Gu Shengnan can automatically complete the lost and found without his brain. Lu Jin is 100% sure that the mysterious female chef is equal to the person who had to pay for the car two days ago, and equal to Gu Shengnan who is standing in front of him now.

Gu Shengnan in the back kitchen of the hotel murmured to himself in depression, did he recognize it, as if he did, so why didn’t he say anything and didn’t have a temper? Without waiting for her to guess the result, the order book in the back kitchen was printed out one by one, one by one, so many people could be crushed to death, and she only needed to make the name and name. I can’t even intervene, nor can I help. It seems that sometimes the only grace is not a good thing.

Gu Shengnan cheered up. Soldiers came to cover the water and soil. The barefoot ones are not afraid of wearing shoes.

In the whole back kitchen, other chefs are busy, she is also busy, waiting for other chefs to be free, she is still busy making desserts. And President Lu Jin and assistant Meng Xinjie gathered around the long table full of rare jade plates, savoring the flavor. Gu Shengnan still fought hard around the pots and pans in the back kitchen.

After drinking and eating, Lu Jin met with the owner of the hotel, evaluated a form, and kept the price low. I walked out the door and walked by the swimming pool, talking on the phone with Riemann from abroad about the acquisition, and I was in a good mood.

Gu Shengnan, who had been tired for a day in the back kitchen chair, got up again and fell asleep again. The manager disliked her dissipating her slack and sent her out to wake up with a hair dryer. Lu Jin stood by the pool, but Gu Shengnan only saw the huge cheering God of Wealth doll beside him There was another unfilled flat collapsing on the ground. She turned on the inflatable switch, and the air instantly filled with the balloon doll, and also knocked down Lu Jin standing by the water. Another tragedy.

I apologize, I have to apologize if I apologize, I’m sorry forever. Gu Shengnan stood in front of Gate 1123 and bowed to assistant Meng Xinjie. Meng Xinjie urged her to pay the car quickly, because there was no other convincing apology besides this. After training, Gu Shengnan turned his head, Meng Xinjie reminded the boss that Gu Shengnan must have ulterior motives, and every time she met her, he would be unlucky. Lu Jin thought it was another layer of ulterior motives, such as ulterior motives for him, so he picked up the phone and ordered a copy.

As the other chefs got off work, Gu Shengnan was about to leave, and an order was squeaked out of the machine. Gu Shengnan seemed to be a frustrated ball for a moment, and he couldn’t throw a greater height no matter what.

President Lu Jin of 1123 ordered a witch soup. There are no requirements or requirements for this dish. The ingredients are on-demand and the taste must contain love to be considered a success. Does Lu Jin want him to make such a soup with great meaning? Gu Shengnan said it carefully but decided to make a bowl of mushroom soup.

The knives on the console were beaten rhythmically, the onions and mushrooms were turned into diced and frothy, and the milky white soup slowly drifted away with an aroma. Set a good time Gu Shengnan didn’t know where to sleep again. Unexpectedly, Lu Jin’s desire and expectations for food have reached the point where he can’t sit still. He can’t wait for food for a long time. He shows up again behind the kitchen, and the mushroom soup is still boiling on the stove.

He just scooped a spoonful and it feels good. Then he fell to the ground with numb limbs, and Gu Shengnan came out to check with the sound of his fall. Lu Jin drank the undercooked poisonous mushrooms. It’s best to spit it out quickly. It’s important to save people in a hurry. Gu Shengnan immediately poured detergent into him and patted him to induce vomiting. Lu Jin turned over and spit out the mushroom soup, and then began to burp and spit bubbles, floating in the air for a while Many colorful bubbles, I don’t know whether to be dreamy and romantic or to comfort Lu Jin’s poisoning and escape.

The surveillance video of the back kitchen was spread everywhere the next day. As soon as Lu Jin opened the door, he rushed to his face again. I am sorry. A group of people apologized to him. In the end, Gu Shengnan walked quickly, bowing and shouting sorry. , The picture is inexplicably familiar, and it is so familiar that Lu Jin feels sorry for himself. This is simply the worst day in this life.

Afterwards, in the hotel corridor, Gu Shengnan and the hotel manager were standing. The scene was slightly different from the confrontation a few days ago. This time, Gu Shengnan was about to be fired again because Lu Jin said he would never eat the food she cooked again. Of course, my little chef manager would not regard it as a treasure. Chef Gu is about to lose her job again.

The city of Nuo Da is full of traffic, people passing by and passing by. No one will worry about whether Gu Shengnan will lose his job. After all, it’s nothing to ignore.

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