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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 9 Recap

Li Siyu is a hard-hearted woman. She said that she didn’t care about Gu Xiaoling ’s affairs, but she rushed out of the house to transfer money to Zhang Zhizhi and asked him to help Gu Xiaoling pay back the money. However, Gu Xiaoling still didn’t appreciate it and sent WeChat to tell Li Siyu that she would pay back the money, but in this life Don’t want to see him anymore, Li Siyu angrily blocked Gu Xiaoling. Chen Yiming meticulously prepared dinner at home and took photos to show Li Siyu.

He said that he had prepared a sumptuous dinner for Li Siyu, but Li Siyu said that he was too tired and would come to accompany him next time. Chen Yiming was very disappointed when he saw the news and sat on the sofa in a daze.

Liu Yang and Wei Yayun rode in the same elevator. Liu Yang told him that the last data was forgotten in 2017. Wei Yayun told Liu Yang that what happened last time was actually not his fault. Old Wu asked him to write this. He also heard that Old Wu was playing with others. The phone said that Liu Yang would not be the team leader if he made another mistake. Liu Yang asked Wei Yayun who that person was. Wei Yayun said that he didn’t know.

Liu Yang entered the office and looked around to find out who the nail was inserted by the old Wu. Liu Yang sent a message to Wei Yayun for her to come out to talk, and asked him why Lao Wu didn’t hide from him when he called. Wei Yayun said that he was homesick and hid in a corner and cried, but when he heard this, Wei Yayun asked Liu Yang to believe him, but now Liu Yang is revising the bidding plan. Even if Wei Yayun is added, it is not enough, the top priority is to pull out the nail.

The second group meeting heard Yuan Huizhong cursing in the first group meeting because the second group had already thrown off the sales data of the first group. Xiao Jia reported her two million orders this week. Li Siyu said 2.4 million, but Xiao Jia was about to open her mouth so it rose to 2.5 million. Xiao Jia said that she would not have luggage and thought of rain and said 2.6 million. At this time, Lin Ling called Li Siyu and asked him to come to the Meiyi Group to save the field. At this time, Yuan Huizhong also received a call from Liu Jie to grab the order.

At Meiyi, Yuan Huizhong directly asked Lin Ling to launch it. This customer has always been in Liu Jie’s name. Lin Ling is in violation of the rules and regulations. Li Siyu said that the rules and regulations should be combined with the actual situation. Lin Ling has been following up on this list. At this time, the person in charge of Meiyi Group came over, Yuan Huizhong pretending to be the sales director and Director Luo successfully signed the order. Li Siyu and Lin Ling rushed back to the department to find that Meiyi’s list was indeed still in Liu Jie’s name.

Chen Yiming caught a cold and went to the pharmacy to prescribe medicine, but the old Chinese doctor pulled him over and gave him a pulse, saying that he had a qi and blood barrier and was stuck in his heart. Let him put down the things that he never forgets, and now the young people’s heart disease boils down to six words: if you can’t get it, you are afraid of losing. Chen Yiming seemed to understand, rejected the old Chinese doctor’s prescription, prescribed some medicine and went back.

At this time, Mr. Pan asked Lin Ling and Li Siyu to visit the office. Unexpectedly, Yuan Huizhong’s villain first sued that they grabbed the order to drive down the malicious competition.

In the end, the five million order was placed in a group of performance, and Li Siyu was fined 10,000. , Lin Ling was fined five thousand. Li Siyu returned to the office angrily and received a call from Chen Yiming asking him to come early after get off work and cook for her at home. Chen Yiming decided to follow the advice of the old Chinese doctor and temporarily let go of what he was chasing after, but Li Siyu felt that at this time, he tried his best to fight, and the two people’s concepts had a disagreement. Li Siyu said that he went to eat later.

Gu Xiaoling saw the news that the loan was paid off and wanted to send a message to Li Siyu, but found that she was blacked out. Zhang Zhizhi wanted to buy a piece of clothing online to wear to the party, but the genuine one was too expensive. Liu Yang came back and said that Lao Wu was also quite the leader of the group and had been stumbling him, so now he can only do it himself. Zhang Zhizhi asked Liu Yang to accompany her to the meeting, saying that he was paving the way for Yuwei, but Liu Yang said that he was not finished with work. The next day Zhang Zhizhi had appointments with Li Siyu and Gu Xiaoling separately, and wanted them to get back together.

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