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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 14 Recap

Li Siyu and Zhang Zhizhi were on the bank of the Huangpu River. Li Siyu yelled and vented towards the river and left. Chen Yiming was cooking at home and received a phone call from the landlord saying that the rent would be increased. The next quarter will cost 22 thousand. Chen Yiming received Zhang Zhizhi’s WeChat message saying that something was wrong with Li Siyu. Chen Yiming immediately took off his apron to see her.

Li Siyu walked out of the company and saw Chen Yiming waiting at the door. Chen Yiming hugged Li Siyu to comfort her. Li Siyu and Chen Yiming were sitting on the benches in the park. Li Siyu said that since Mr. Pan had talked to him, he had been hiding from him with spears and arrows, and he led the team in sales to be on par with Yuan Huizhong, but in some respects he was indeed inferior to Yuan Huizhong. Chen Yiming smiled, let Li Siyu go back to his hometown with him, Li Siyu thought Chen Yiming was crazy. Chen Yiming found Zhu Xiaobai, and their company still has a sales director position for him. Li Siyu felt that with his resources and connections, no company could not be found. Chen Yiming said that he thought the same two months ago. But only when he really loses his job will he realize that the market is different from what he imagined, and he is also different from what he expected.

Li Siyu received the news that Sister Ziru invited them to dinner at night. Chen Yiming said that he had a video conference with Zhu Xiaobai in the evening. Li Siyu asked him if he really wanted to leave. Chen Yiming said that he still had a little confidence and dignity. It is better to take a step back and broaden the sky in Shanghai. Li Siyu was silent and fell into contemplation.

Lei Haowen helped Gu Xiaoling and said he was a centipede. Are there so many pairs of shoes? Gu Xiaoling didn’t want to care about him and got in the car. Lei Haowen asked her to beg and drive her with her, but she asked herself to get in the car and be a good driver, and finally finished the move. Baggage. Gu Xiaoling said that he would invite him to dinner later, Lei Haowen said that she would let her cook some special dishes by herself. Gu Xiaoling said that he was best at boiling boiled water.

Gu Xiaoling said he was about to change clothes and let Lei Haowen go out, and Lei Haowen asked her to change clothes in the bathroom. Gu Xiaoling changed into casual clothes and told Lei Haowen to stop haggling and leave. Lei Haowen said that he should dress well in the first place. Gu Xiaoling said that it depends on who he goes out with.

Wang Ziru ordered Li Siyu a stomach nourishing soup and wanted to ask Li Siyu who the other two financing companies were. Li Siyu said that he and Mr. Pan only talked about sales and not about financing. Wang Ziru said how the list she had given to Li Siyu before. Li Siyu said that he saw three people who are interested in cooperation. Wang Ziru said that if it is not enough, she will let Annie collect some. Li Siyu said It may not be necessary. The competition between her and Yuan Huizhong has ended early.

Lei Haowen and Gu Xiaoling went to the roadside stall to eat skewers. Gu Xiaoling ordered four bottles of beer for himself. Without Lei Haowen’s help, Gu Xiaoling opened the beer with his bare hands. Lei Haowen was shocked. He said that this is the Gu Xiaoling he knew. Gu Xiaoling grabbed a handful of skewers and prepared to get off the pot, letting Lei Haowen pay attention to speaking. Lei Haowen said that he usually comes into contact with Bai Fumei. Gu Xiaoling asked him if he was tired of pretending to be rich every day. Lei Haowen said that when tired, he went home and lay on the bed every day and wondered if there were any loopholes today. It was very relaxing with Gu Xiaoling.

Wang Ziru understood what happened and told Li Siyu not to give up until the last moment. Li Siyu thinks that he is indecisive, but Wang Ziru thinks that being soft-hearted and kind is not a shortcoming, but at the management level this is a shortcoming. What the workplace needs is performance. You can’t just focus on sisterhood, regardless of the company’s interests. Do whatever you want in any position, just worthy of your own efforts.

Li Siyu was in the taxi and called many company leaders to discuss contracts with them. Lei Haowen confessed again that Gu Xiaoling was drunk and crazy. Gu Xiaoling refused her, saying that he was treating him as a brother. Li Siyu approached Chen Yiming and told him that he was not going to give up or leave Shanghai. Li Siyu said that although Shanghai was very bad, he wanted to stay. Chen Yiming said that because of his low self-esteem, the city has no place for him.

Both want the other to go with them, one wants to stay, the other wants to leave.

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