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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 13 Recap

Liu Yang took a supper to the office to see Wei Yayun. Wei Yayun was very moved. He hugged Liu Yang from behind and said that no one had treated her so well. Liu Yang pushed her away. Wei Yayun took the opportunity to confess that he wanted to get closer to kiss Liu Yang. Liu Yang hurriedly fled. Left the office. Wei Yayun was sad, staring at the instant noodles brought back by Brother Yang in a daze.

When Liu Yang returned home, he kept getting mad, and Zhang Zhizhi asked if he was uncomfortable drinking too much. Liu Yang took off his jacket and went to the balcony. Zhang Zhizhi used to clean up his clothes and smelled a lot of perfume on his clothes. Liu Yang said that this was actually Yuan Huizhong’s team. Mr. Yuan’s posture was that he couldn’t wait to pounce on Liu Yang and he tried to drink alcohol. It was estimated that they had taken some advantage, and followed by booing, Liu Yang ran away when the situation was not good.

The next day Zhang Zhizhi approached Li Siyu to explain the matter, saying how the rumors of Yuan Huizhong in the company were true, and Li Siyu explained to her that she must have been pressed. Li Siyu asked Zhang Zhizhi to look after Liu Yang, and not to have her order turned off when her husband flew. Zhang Zhizhi said that she believed in Liu Yang, and Li Siyu said that Liu Yangjie was self-conscious and couldn’t bear someone rushing on him. When Liu Yang arrived at the office, Wei Yayun greeted him. Liu Yang took the document and called Wei Yayun out.

Liu Yang told Wei Yayun that his kindness to her was based on the fact that he was the boss, teacher, elder brother, and had no other meaning. Wei Yayun said that she was not a random girl, she really fell in love with Liu Yang. Liu Yang said that he has a family with a wife and children, and he must be responsible for his family, but Wei Yayun said that he would not disturb his family. He only hopes to look at him from afar and help her do things. Liu Yang said that he still couldn’t understand his feelings. Wei Yayun said that he could listen to him in everything, except for loving him, which he couldn’t even do.

Li Siyu went to investigate and file and was very happy to learn that he filed earlier than Sister Yuan. Here Zhang Zhizhi heard them say that Sister Yuan’s client last night was very novel, and she couldn’t bear it and ran away. Zhang Zhizhi couldn’t listen to it and walk away. Yuan Huizhong stopped Zhang Zhizhi, but Zhang Zhizhi didn’t listen to him and was stopped by Liu Jie. When Zhang Zhizhi left, he heard Yuan Huizhong say that he was uneducated. Zhang Zhizhi couldn’t bear to respond. As a result, a few people fought and the whole office was in a mess.

At this time Fang Zong came to stop everyone and fined the team leader five thousand, Zhang Zhizhi and Liu Jie a thousand. Li Siyu apologized to Yuan Huizhong, but Yuan Huizhong denied her apology, saying that if he really regarded him as a master, he would withdraw from the sales director competition, but Li Siyu refused and the two confronted each other. Yuan Huizhong said that the first thing he did to become a sales director was to fire Li Siyu, and Li Siyu said that the first thing he did was to thank Yuan Huizhong.

President Fang went to Pan’s office and said that he proposed to change the competition mechanism of the sales department and divide the sales area. However, Pan feels that the current mechanism is quite good, and it is whoever gets the record first. Fang Zong chatted with Yuan Huizhong. Yuan Huizhong said that she didn’t want to compete, but Fang always kept putting pressure on her, saying that if the sales department were to lose, she might become Mr. Pan’s talk. Yuan Huizhong thought about it and continued to fight.

Zhang Zhizhi was going to arrange a rehearsal with the mothers, and asked her mother-in-law to send the children to the early education class. But the mother-in-law heard that the tuition fee was more than 20,000 yuan and was going to refund, and then took the children to the playground. Li Siyu was placed here by Yuan Huizhong. Yuan Huizhong’s filing date was advanced to the tenth. Li Siyu had no choice but to admit defeat.

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