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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 12 Recap

Liu Yang arranged for Xiao Zhao to do a bidding document data. When Liu Yang handed it to Director Wang the next day, he told him that Lao Wu and Xiao Zhao had done several chapters, and the result would probably be more than 8 million yuan. , And at this time Liu Yang took out another bidding document, saying that this one was completely compared by himself, there was no problem, and Director Wang understood all that.

Liu Yang returned to the office to give Wei Yayun a message, saying that he would have lunch at noon to celebrate. At this time, someone came to tell Lao Wu and Xiaozhan to visit the director. At lunch, Liu Yang told Wei Yayun that although the director didn’t say anything in front of him, he turned around and called Lao Wu to send and receive materials, and Xiao Zhao adjusted to entertain him. Wei Yayun was agitated and called Liu Yang to see Brother Yang, but Liu Yang also changed her name to Sister Yun.

The mother-in-law was urging Liu Yang to give birth to a second child. The fortune-teller said Yuwei’s name was guilty and asked Yuwei to change her name. As a result, Liu Yang and Zhang Zhizhi disagreed. Liu Yang finally decided to issue a proof, but it was Zhang Zhizhi’s and not Liu Yang’s. He felt that he could not afford to lose this person. In the evening, I showed my mother-in-law a medical certificate. Liu Yang followed Zhang Zhizhi and fooled her mother, saying that this was a certificate issued by an authoritative doctor, and she couldn’t accept it and went back to the room to rest.

Li Siyu was discussing business with a regular customer, Mr. Guo. Mr. Guo asked her to drink, but Li Siyu said that he had a stomach problem recently and he took out a lot of stomach medicine from his bag. As a result, when he heard that Guo’s head office was missing a director of the Propaganda Department, Li Siyu immediately recommended himself to Chen Yiming and asked Chen Yiming to send his resume. Mr. Guo sent it to the comrades in the personnel department, and the personnel department arranged for him to come for an interview tomorrow morning. Chen Yiming was very worried about Li Siyu, so he called and asked him to send him a position and pick her up by himself.

As a result, Chen Yiming drove to the place. He was very happy to see Li Siyu and Mr. Guo. He also heard Li Siyu tell Mr. Guo that it was his boyfriend who was interviewing tomorrow. Mr. Guo said that there would be no need for an interview and he will come directly to the entry procedure tomorrow. Li Siyu listened I was very happy, drunk back to Chen Yiming’s car, and even molested Chen Yiming with his alcohol.

However, Chen Yiming kept his face cold, saying that he would go to Fenglin Company to be a copywriter and not go to Guo’s company as the head of the propaganda department. Li Siyu did not understand that normal people would choose Guo’s company. Chen Yiming said that it is abnormal to treat him as him. People. Li Siyu slammed the car door and left.

The next day, Li Siyu was still concerned about Chen Yiming’s WeChat message to let him check it out the next day. But Chen Yiming was about to go to Fenglin Company for an interview, and received news that this position was already occupied. Chen Yiming was very disappointed and rushed to the shower to take a shower. Li Siyu called her crazy and no one answered. When Chen Yiming came out, he received a call from his childhood friend, saying that he is now the chairman of the board and asked Chen Yiming to return to his hometown to be his vice president.

Chen Yiming approached Li Siyu and said that he wanted to go back to his hometown. Fenglin Company didn’t care about him. Li Siyu suggested to go to Guo’s company. Chen Yiming said that he would not go to death because his girlfriend had come to work with a drink and laugh. Li Siyu felt that Chen Yiming was unreasonable.

Yuan Huizhong received the news that the battery needs to be replaced in the city’s bidding process, and asked Mr. Li to call out Liu Yang for a drink. Yuan Huizhong tried his best to fill Liu Yang with wine, and even stayed on Liu Yang when he arrived at the KTV, but the beauty trick didn’t work, Liu Yang left. Liu Yang got to the house downstairs and received a call from Wei Yayun and learned that he was still working overtime. Liu Yang bought a supper and went to the office to match Wei Yayun.

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