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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 11 Recap

Zhang Zhizhi’s mother-in-law ordered them to have a second child, or they would not leave. Zhang Zhizhi asked Liu Yang what to do, and Liu Yang said that she was the one who asked him to be responsible for his mother. Liu Yang arrived at the office early in the morning, and Wei Yayun came over to greet him. Said that he drafted a plan yesterday, but the text data that Xiao Zhao helped him to change will cause big problems. Wei Yayun said that this is the nail inserted by the old Wu, Liu Yang said he has to compare the data of Xiao Zhao to know , Let Wei Yayun go down first.

Chen Yiming and Lei Haowen Liu Yang made an appointment to play basketball, but Lei Haowen was going tofind a housefor Gu Xiaoling, and Liu Yang was still busy with work. Lei Haowen found a real estate agency, and a room near the house was well decorated and well-lit, but the rent was a bit expensive and required four thousand. Lei Haowen bargained for three thousand. The intermediary did not let go, saying the lowest was 3,990. Nine, Lei Haowen finally agreed that Gu Xiaoling would definitely bargain with him, no matter how much he said, he would make up for the difference, and the two began to look at the contract. Liu Yang compared some data from the previous draft and said that the mistakes were found on Xiao Zhao. It seemed that he was the nail inserted by Old Wu.

Chen Yiming was let the pigeons by the two brothers, depressed and died on the phone, Si Yu said that she was let the pigeons by the client too, and Chen Yiming met for a while. As a result, as soon as she hung up the phone, Zhang Zhizhi asked her Liu Yang’s mother insisted that they give birth to a second child. Li Siyu suggested that she directly find a wife for her mother-in-law, so that she won’t have a baby without chatting. At this time, Mr. Pan called and said that he wanted to meet Wang Ziru. As the intermediary, she had to go there. Chen Yiming had to play on the basketball court alone.

Zhang Zhizhi is here to pick up Yuwei from school at the entrance of the kindergarten and call Gu Xiaoling to ask him to come up with ideas. Gu Xiaoling said let him go to the Internet to find a certificate of infertility, and tell his mother-in-law directly and it would be over. Although Zhang Zhizhi felt it was a bit of a pull, it was still feasible. At this time Doudou’s mother came over to say hello to Zhang Zhizhi, saying that her son Doudou has a slight ADHD, but he doesn’t need to take medicine if he is not serious, as long as he controls his behavior, and Doudou’s mother has decided to quit her job.

The family has taken care of Doudou. Zhang Zhizhi felt relieved. He heard Doudou’s mother sincerely apologize, saying that next time someone talked about Doudou, she would help explain herself. Doudou’s mother was very grateful to Zhang Zhizhi, but she also had to apologize to other parents for not greeting Zhang Zhizhi. At the western restaurant, Miaomiao’s mother asked everyone to sign the joint letter, but Zhang Zhizhi didn’t want to sign it.

She said that she was just a little bit naughty when she asked Yuwei Doudou, not like Xiaobawang. Miao Miao’s mother said that if they were only going to kindergarten for more than 1,000 months, she would just prove Zhao Teng, but now this kindergarten is asking about cultivating good children’s physical and mental health. All the mothers signed it all round, and Zhang Zhizhi had to sign in that atmosphere. Miao Miao’s mother said that next week would be Miao Miao’s sixth birthday, and she specially invited Yuwei to join the equestrian club.

Both Lei Haowen and Liu Yang rushed to the basketball court. Liu Yang changed his clothes and sat in the auditorium. At this time, Li Siyu also came over. She asked Liu Yang to ask Chen Yiming to play more recently, because Chen Yiming has been very gray lately, and she was afraid that she would spend a long time at home. Liu Yang asked her that she seemed to have been rectified at the company recently, and Li Siyu explained everything secretly, and she was straight ahead. Liu Yang seemed to understand something, and was ready to take the initiative to fight back against Lao Wu after returning.

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