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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 10 Recap

Zhang Zhizhi had been having diarrhea because of the Chinese medicine given by her mother-in-law. When running to the toilet, Li Siyu and Gu Xiaoling told each other what they had done for each other over the years. When Zhang Zhizhi came back, the two had already quarreled. Gu Xiaoling asked Zhang Zhizhi if he had done more things by herself over the years. Zhang Zhizhi said that they have been together since the age of twelve. Isn’t it right who helps each other?

They always count how much they have helped each other, but don’t want to think about each other. Helped myself. Gu Xiaoling lowered his head and admitted that Li Siyu helped him a lot, and Li Siyu also said that it would be nice to have her noisy around him. The two apologized to each other as a formal reconciliation. Zhang Zhizhi wanted to borrow Gu Xiaoling’s clothes to attend this week’s party. Gu Xiaoling asked her to come to her home and give her a head-to-toe remodel. Zhang Zhizhi and the two clinked glasses and said they were feeling all the difficulties. It can be solved.

Liu Yang took Wei Yayun to investigate the project and asked Wei Yayun to sit on the side and rest for a while. Liu Yang said that he used to go to school 20 kilometers back and forth on mountain roads. Wei Yayun said that he was in the countryside. Liu Yang said it was a coincidence. Wei Yayun said that they were still alumni of the National Chiao Tung University. Wei Yayun said that he was the number one champion in the county, and Liu Yang said that he was too. Both of them were born in rural areas and had many similar experiences. Wei Yayun asked Liu Yang if he could call him a senior brother. Liu Yang said yes.

Zhang Zhizhi came back from the toilet again and told the two sisters that her mother-in-law had come and forced herself and Liu Yang to have a son. Gu Xiaoling said in what age is he patriarchal. Zhang Zhizhi asked Li Siyu if he could go to his house for a meal this week and enlighten his mother-in-law. Li Siyu readily agreed. The golf course where Gu Xiaoling works held a group purchase event. Lei Haowen brought his new girlfriend to play and said that he was a member here. When he ordered coffee, he asked Gu Xiaoling not to say that he used a group purchase coupon.

At this time, the salesman of the stadium came over and asked if they wanted to apply for a membership card. Lei Haowen said that he did it but the card number was forgotten, so he had to ask his secretary. The sales turned to his girlfriend and said that now there is a beauty card, and the discount is up to the discount. The woman acted like Lei Haowen and said that she didn’t want to buy a card. Lei Haowen really wondered whether to charge up the money, and Gu Xiaoling came to the rescue. Tell the sales that Mr. Lei is the most senior member, and that the child card spouse card is available, but the girlfriend clamored for his spouse card. Lei Haowen sent a message to Gu Xiaoling saying thank you.

In the evening, Li Siyu went to Zhang Zhizhi’s house for dinner. She and Liu Yang’s mother told a lot about the deeds of the strong women in the current society, and told her not to call Zhang Zhizhi to give birth to a son, and focus on cultivating Yuwei alone. But Liu Yang’s mother was stubborn and still felt that men were better than women. Li Siyu said that in such a hurry, at night her mother-in-law came over with Chinese medicine to let Zhang Zhizhi drink. This class was in vain. The mother-in-law also said that Li Siyu, who is in his thirties, is still unmarried, and that giving birth to a child is not good for her, and Zhang Zhizhi is very helpless.

When Gu Xiaoling arrived home, she found that the landlord had kept her moving door unable to open. At this time, Lei Haowen asked her to eat hot pot, and she had to agree to go. Unexpectedly, this store’s business is very good and only 50 pots a day, Gu Xiaoling is very happy to eat. Lei Haowen still wanted to chase Gu Xiaoling without changing his mind. Gu Xiaoling now only regarded him as an ordinary friend and had no other ideas, but it was Torre Haowen to help find a house.

Zhang Zhizhi really didn’t want to drink Chinese medicine, and directly told her mother-in-law and Liu Yang that it would be very difficult to raise a Yuwei because of the current economic strength of herself and Liu Yang. The mother-in-law was shocked when she heard that Yuwei spent 8,000 yuan a month, thinking about it all night and the next day she decided to take Yuwei back to her hometown.

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