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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 22 Recap

The two Tigers told Luo Qiuchi that the cottage had been attacked. Luo Qiuchi asked them how they got in. Tiger said that Wen Renjun brought them in. Then they asked Wen Renjun where he was. Luo Qiuchi said that she would not be concerned about her. Actually, Wenren Jun was very sad. Luo Qiuchi prepared food for the two of them. Luo Qiuchi asked what had happened. Then the two said that one person came to Qingzhou and brought the people of Qingzhou to the uprising and gave the cottage.

His Majesty summoned Hang Ruxue and asked Hang Ruxue to rush to Dongyi Mountain to quell the rebels. Then Prince Kang hoped that Hang Ruxue would leave as soon as possible. Then Hang Ruxue took the command. At this time Fu Yuanzhi came to the academy and brought a group of people to find Luo Qiuchi. When Luo Qiuchi heard the movement, he sent two people on the roof.

Fu Yuanzhi led them into Luo Qiuchi’s room. Fu Yuanzhi said that Luo Qiuchi was hiding the criminals, so Luo Qiuchi asked them to search. The two of them were on the roof. Hidden above, and no two people were found, a group of people left. After a while, Hang Ruxue came in and introduced mice and tigers to Hang Ruxue. Hang Ruxue told Luo Qiuchi that the court had now ordered the arrest of King Dongyishan.

Hang Ruxue told Luo Qiuchi that he had gone to Dongyishan at this time. Killed him, and then said that he would kill Luo Qiuchi for the second time. Luo Qiuchi said that he would not let Hang Ruxue kill him again this time. Zhao Qinghe came to send Hang Ruxue. Zhao Qinghe said that he was here to give things, but he just forgot to install weapons. Then, Zhao Qinghe asked Hang Ruxue if he didn’t need these things. Hang Ruxue said that they are good for Zhao Qinghe. Happy, and then told Zhao Qinghe that this is not where she was staying, so she should go back quickly. After a while, Zhao Qinghe left and walked back reluctantly.

Fu Yuanzhi told Prince Kang that Luo Qiuchi was Lord Dongyishan. Prince Kang said that this time Hang Ruxue went to the mountain to capture Lord Dongyishan and Luo Qiuchi accompanied him. Isn’t that the same as killing himself? Afterwards, Prince Kang realized that the current Dongyi Mountain Monarch was fake. Far from it, if he traveled a long distance to Dongyi Mountain, there must be accidents on the road, so Yuanzhi and Prince Kang planned something. Uncle Wang came back and told Wen Ren’s father that he was hunted down by Luo Qiuchi.

Then Uncle Wang said that he sent himself to kill the child who failed in the imperial examination nine years ago. Then Wen Ren said when he sent someone to hunt down such a child. So Wen Renjun’s father remembered Wen Renjun’s words and went back to find Wen Renjun, but Wen Renjun only left a letter telling his father that he had gone up the mountain with Hang Ruxue. At this time, Hang Ruxue and Luo Qiuchi, on the way, Luo Qiuchi told Hang Ruxue that the people in the cottage were taken by themselves. They were simple and kind, and hoped not to hurt them. Hang Ruxue agreed and said that he would not hurt the innocent. , And then Luo Qiuchi saw Wen Renjun.

Then Wen Renjun asked Hang Ruxue how to celebrate the New Year? Hang Ruxue said that she was alone and a widow. Luo Qiuchi then said that she was also a person, and heard the smell. Then Luo Qiuchi wanted to go to the bathroom, and met Wen Renjun. Luo Qiuchi told Wen Renjun that it is dangerous to go up the mountain. , Blaming Wen Renjun, and telling Wen Renjun that if he returns to the city now, what is the difference from watching Luo Qiuchi injured in the first place, at least he can stay with Luo Qiuchi if something happens.

Later, after the mouse and the tiger arrived, they found Wen Renjun was there, so everyone went on the road together. The mouse and the tiger persuaded Wen Renjun to coax Luo Qiuchi, and said that Luo Qiuchi was very big, Wen Renjun said He is the most angry man in the world, so he won’t coax him. In the evening, Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun were ignorant of each other. So the next day, Wen Renjun rode a soldier’s horse and ran. At this time, Luo Qiuchi also rode on the horse, and the two got back together.

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