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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 21 Recap

Wen Renjun asked Si Cheng to give himself another chance, but Si Cheng turned around and left. The two doctors also turned and left. Wen Renjun was very sad at this time and kept kneeling outside. The two doctors saw Wen Renjun still in the evening. Kneeling. Dr. Xuan said to Si Cheng, people are not sages, who can do nothing, since she has already known that she was wrong, why not give her a chance? Dr. Ouyang also said, why not give her a chance? Sicheng said that this was just cheating on an exam, so if it was an imperial examination, she just wanted to let him understand the mistakes she had committed, she should bear it. Dr. Xuan said, if this is the case, the price would be too great.

Fu Jun far it came to celebrity, famous person at this time was still kneeling Jun, Jun famous person to pay for much of that so he let go of it late autumn Luo, Luo Fu said that much of the late autumn just a pariah only, followed by celebrity Jun said that he had fallen in love He was gone, with Luo Qiuchi in his heart. Then Fu Yuanzhi got up and wanted to leave. Before leaving, he told Wen Renjun that he would no longer care about their affairs and left. Everyone was in the academy.

The classmates said such a big thing, it was too unreasonable for a girl to bear it, and then everyone went to intercede. It was snowing very much. Luo Qiuchi came to see Wen Renjun, but in a flash, Luo Qiuchi left. Unexpectedly, Luo Qiuchi brought Wen Renjun clothes and put them on her. Luo Qiuchi knelt down and admitted that he was planning during the exam, and Luo Qiuchi paid it back. Said that this matter had nothing to do with Wen Renjun. Then Si Cheng and the doctor came out. Luo Qiuchi asked for punishment. Si Cheng asked Luo Qiuchi if the matter was true. Luo Qiuchi said it was true.

Then Hang Ruxue also came and admitted. He also took part in the fraud, Zhao Qinghe also came, and all the students came. Dr. Xuan said that so many students came to admit their mistakes and believed that they knew they were wrong. Although they had evil thoughts, they did not cheat. So he suggested that Sicheng ban them for seven days and repent towards the icon. Then Sicheng said, this time Everyone’s exam results were all voided, and everyone had to record a big pass. Then Si Cheng left, Luo Qiuchi also left, and did not speak to Wen Renjun, at this time Fu Yuanzhi also returned to the room.

Back to the room, I heard Renjun and said to Zhao Qinghe, before that, I wished to bring the murderer who wanted to kill Luo Qiuchi to justice, but I never thought that this man was his own father. Zhao Qinghe said that he did not expect the murderer to be his father. Her father, not her, hoped that Wen Renjun would not take things to heart. Zhao Qinghe came to Hang Ruxue and hoped that Hang Ruxue could persuade Luo Qiuchi.

Zhao Qinghe said that they love each other so much and do not want Luo Qiuchi to give up Wen Renjun. , Then Hang Ruxue agreed. If Hang Ruxue came and told Luo Qiuchi himself, Wen Renjun had been kneeling in the snow for a long time, and his leg had been injured, which was quite serious. Then Luo Qiuchi cried. Hang Ruxue also came to the female dependents’ dormitory, wondering whether to tell Zhao Qinghe the result of the incident now, and then Zhao Qinghe opened the window. Hang Ruxue said that she had told Luo Qiuchi about the incident, and then Zhao Qinghe thanked him.

Wen Renjun returned home, but Uncle Wang was not at the house. His father found Wen Renjun was lame and was very concerned. Uncle was also there. Uncle went out after a while, but still eavesdropped outside the door. Wen Renjun asked his father. What did he do to Luo Qiuchi, and then Wen Ren Gongwen asked Wen Renjun, did Lu Xingyun say something to him or her? Wen Renjun asked if he really did something contrary to his conscience. Wen Renjun’s father said to Wen Renjun that these things have nothing to do with her. Wen Renjun said that what he did almost harmed him for a lifetime, Wen Renjun still Advise Wen Jun to go back and have a good rest.

Wen Renjun came to the street and remembered the scene with Luo Qiuchi at the time. Luo Qiuchi came to the examination room and remembered the scene with Wen Renjun. At that time, Luo Qiuchi said that if you are awkward next time, you must be with yourself. Say the reason. Wen Renjun saw the two tigers. They said that the cottage was attacked, and Wen Renjun took two people to find Luo Qiuchi.

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