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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 20 Recap

Luo Qiuchi told Wen Renjun that because Wen Renjun said that he wanted to see the lotus lantern, he prepared it. Wen Renjun was very happy. After a while, the sky fell snow, and then Wen Renjun said that the snow was too big, so he pulled it. When Luo Qiuchi left, Fu Yuanzhi was looking at Xue and hugging his cat, thinking that this day should be over. Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun were in the small pavilion, and then Luo Qiuchi said that the weather was cold, and asked Wen Renjun to drink some tea. Wen Renjun smelled it. It turned out to be wine. Then Luo Qiuchi said that he just wanted to kiss him, nothing. Wen Renjun was very embarrassed.

Wen Renjun asked Luo Qiuchi if he wanted to Dongyi Mountain, and then Wen Renjun asked if he wanted to go back and see them, if he said he would be there on the 5th or 6th, so Luo Qiuchi asked Wen Renjun if he would accompany him back. Wen Renjun said yes, Wen Renjun said to Luo Qiuchi, if it can keep snowing and you can see snow, that would be great, Luo Qiuchi said yes, but Wen Renjun said this place may not keep snowing. Maybe it won’t be there in a few days. Luo Qiuchi said that he would take her to see the snow. Then Wen Renjun said that if he said that he didn’t want to see snow anymore, Luo Qiuchi said, take Wen Renjun where he wants to go. , Wen Renjun thanked Luo Qiuchi. Xie Ziyun drank too much.

At this time, Fu Yuanzhi was seeing that Xie Ziyun said that he hadn’t used the inkstone prepared by Luo Qiuchi. Then Fu Yuanzhi asked what the inkstone was. Xie Ziyun said that he and Luo Qiuchi had promised that he could not talk about it. Then Fu Yuanzhi noticed a little strange. Zhao Qinghe chatted with Wen Renjun. Zhao Qinghe said that before the head of the teacher Hang, he said a lot to himself. Then Wen Renjun told Zhao Qinghe that he and Luo Qiuchi had kissed. Zhao Qinghe asked if Luo Qiuchi should propose to Wen Renjun. Wen Ren Jun said not to use it first, and to keep a low profile. Wen Ren Jun said what it would be like when he married Luo Qiuchi!

Luo Qiuchi continued to ask Uncle Wang if he wanted to kill a nine-year-old child nine years ago. Uncle Wang admitted that it was him. Then Luo Qiuchi asked Uncle Wang if anyone instigated him. Uncle Wang said no. Then Uncle Wang told Luo Qiuchi that it was unexpected. Didn’t die, was he that kid? Then, Uncle Wang went back to the room and gave a box to Luo Qiuchi. He also told Luo Qiuchi that someone had sent a document on it and wanted to kill a nine-year-old boy who was out of town. Then Luo Qiuchi saw the document. The name and seal of Wen Renjun’s father were written on it. Wen Renjun said that his father was not such a person, but Luo Qiuchi didn’t believe him.

Luo Qiuchi knocked Uncle Wang fainted. Uncle Wang was taken to a place, Wen Renjun said. When Ren Jun went out, he ran into Lu Xingyun. Wen Renjun told Lu Xingyun that Luo Qiuchi mistakenly thought that his father was the murderer who killed him. Then Lu Xingyun said that Wen Renjun should know about some things, and Luo Qiuchi returned. The academy ran into Fu Yuanzhi. Fu Yuanzhi told Luo Qiuchi that he was the Lord of Dongyi Mountain. Then Luo Qiuchi beat Fu Yuanzhi. Lu Xingyun showed Wen Renjun the evidence of Literati’s crime. Wen Renjun was very sad and started to cry.

Later, Xie Ziyun told Wen Renjun that something serious happened. Luo Qiuchi was reported by Fu Yuanzhi for cheating in the exam. Then Si Cheng asked who else was involved in cheating. Wen Renjun and Zhao Qinghe came forward, but Wen Renjun said that they did it alone, and then Fu Yuanzhi It was said that Luo Qiuchi did it alone, and then Wen Renjun said that Fu Yuanzhi and Luo Qiuchi had always been at odds and that all cheating on exams were all done by themselves. Then Zhao Qinghe said, would it be bad if she was responsible for this matter alone?

Wen Renjun said no, if it was not because Luo Qiuchi would not cheat anymore, Wen Renjun explained the method of cheating to Dr. Si Chenghe, so Si Cheng told Wen Renjun that according to the regulations of the college, he should Renjun was expelled from the academy, and the doctor could not help Wen Renjun. Wen Renjun found Dr. Si Chenghe and knelt down to them. Wen Renjun said that he knew he had committed a taboo and insulted the sage, and hoped that he Cheng gave himself a chance, but Si Cheng turned around and left.

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