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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 33 Recap

Park Qicai hesitated to call Quan Hee Jung toaskher cell phone. In the end, she was convinced not to make the call. Quan Hee was taking back the broken music box. After debugging, the sound was finally released. He was a little surprised when it turned out to be Park Qicai’s modified March in G minor. He slowly came to the front of the piano, tried to stretch out his hand, put it on the keyboard and played it. He recalled that when he was a child, he and a little girl were participating in a competition together.

The two played a song together. The girl said that he believed that the two would win, and Quan Xizheng also smiled. Unexpectedly, after the performance was finished, the girl suddenly had a heart attack and fainted on the stage. Thinking of this, Quan Xi was a little angry, and he roared and slammed his hand on the piano. Dad Quan, who was in the next room, heard his movement and hurried out to see him, only to see Quan Xizheng crying at the piano alone.

He walked away silently and did not enter to disturb him. He walked downstairs and recalled the day when Quan Hee Jung was a child, when he made a piano specially for him. Quan Hee Jung was almost all his hard work and his most proud work. He also promised to work in Quan Hee Jung Man. He gave this piano to him when he was 18. At this time, Mother Quan came over, and Father Quan told her that this piano might never be sent out. Mother Quan said that it has been so long since that incident.

Quan Xizheng still failed to come out, but she believes that there will be someone who will reappear next to him and start again with him. Perhaps this is the power of love. Right. She even felt that maybe Quan Xizheng had already met the right person, but he hadn’t realized it yet, so she believed that this piano would definitely be given away.

Park Qicai told He Yuanzhu about the affairs between him and Quan Hee Jung. He Yuanzhu analyzed with her and said that Quan Hee Jung would empathize, and she would not believe it first. After listening to He Yuanzhu’s analysis, Park Qicai felt reasonable in her heart, but when she thought of that girl, she suddenly lost confidence. The two came to the classroom quickly.

Director Kong took the girl Shen Shien into the classroom, said she was a new exchange student, and vigorously praised her. After finishing talking, she also asked Shen Shien to directly replace Park Qicai in today’s routine performance. Although Park Qicai was unwilling, he still failed to change Director Kong’s decision. After Shen Shien’s performance, even He Yuanzhu said that Shen Shien’s star Pengyue would be her strong opponent.

After class, Park Qicai met Quan Hee-jung at the door of the classroom, but he didn’t expect that he was here to pick up Shen Shien, and Park Qicai was very sad. Just when the two of them were about to leave, Cha Yunxian ran over and invited Park Qicai to the bar to watch her performance at night. Park Qicai hurriedly agreed, so angry that Quan Hee squeezed his palms, and was accidentally noticed by Shen Shi Eun.

Yang Kong found Lin Yi again and asked her why she set up a situation to frame herself. Lin Yi watched him become angry, and she admitted that she went to Kong Taotao by herself. If it weren’t for this bureau, she wouldn’t go to that cafe. Yang Kong grabbed Lin Yi’s hand and asked her if she had forgotten the sweet time he had with her. Lin Yi was a bit agitated and scolded Yang Kong fiercely. He didn’t expect Yang Kong to kneel down for her and ask her to give herself another chance, but Lin Yi ruthlessly rejected it.

Soon, Lin Yi continued to give Park Zaiyu a make-up lesson. Park Zaiyu took advantage of the situation and asked her to go to a newly opened restaurant for dinner. Lin Yi refused, saying that he had an appointment at night. Park Qicai came home in a depressed mood, just as Park Zaijiao took out an invitation letter for the owner’s reception, and Park Qicai thought, Quan Hee Jung and Shen Shi Eun were going, and she had to dress up to participate. Quan Xi was secretly coming to the door of Park Qicai’s house.

He just happened to see He Yuanzhu come to Park Qicai to send skin care products, and he was very nervous. Soon Park Qicai attended the reception with Park Jaeyu, and she met Shen Shien and Quan’s mother together. Looking at the tone of Shen Shien’s real girlfriend, even Park Jaeyu reminded Park Qicai to be optimistic about Quan Xizheng.

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