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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 6 Recap

The ring is provided by the sponsor. This is not only a question of compensation for the loss of the ring, but also related to his own credibility. In addition, the ring is provided by a major international brand. In the future, Jin Zeyi may never receive it again. Of big-name cooperation. In front of Tiffany, Jin Zeyi took responsibility for losing the ring.

At night, Luo Tianran was still looking for it with a flashlight, and Jin Zeyi specially left the door for her. Although she was bitten by a mosquito, she did not have the heart to close it. When Luo Tianran got up in the morning and didn’t return, Jin Zeyi was bitten by a mosquito bag.

As soon as Jin Ze found Luo Tianran and found that she was still looking for a diamond ring, Jin Ze pulled her back to rest. She was unwilling, saying that she could not afford such a sky-high diamond ring. Jin Ze once told her that the diamond ring was fake, and the sponsor was afraid that she would break it, so he didn’t prepare to actually do it. Luo Tianran felt relieved. Luo Tianran found the big bag on Jin Ze’s face and learned that he had left the door for himself at night. He felt a little funny when he was so soft-hearted.

Next, we are going to take pictures of riding a horse. In order not to lose face, Jin Zeyi pretended that he could ride a horse. As a result, the horse ran around without his control. Luo Tianran helped him to stabilize the horse, and then caressed the horse back to comfort it.

Jin Zeyi and Luo Tianran talked about why she knew how to stop the horse. Luo Tianran told his father that he used to take herself to the racecourse.

Tiffany received the breakfast from Lin Che, and the sticky note he attached read: The breakfast money is supposed to be stored here first.

The annual Tomato Music Festival will open today. At that time, many well-known musicians will attend this grand event and perform performances. Luo Tianran feels that he must not be absent this time.

As soon as Jin Ze heard that Luo Tianran was going to the music festival, he offered to accompany her by himself, but Artai guarded the two for Tiffany and refused to let them go. Luo Tianran asked why Jin Zeyi stopped the Quyuan Music Festival after his debut. Jin Zeyi told him that going to the festival would cause sensation and riots. Luo Tianran lamented that being a star is not as comfortable as he thought. A gust of wind blew on the lawn, Luo Tianran said that he heard the wind play a movement, and Luo Tianran Daogu could hear sounds that no one could hear.

The next day, Luo Tianran still did not give up searching. She finally found the ring beside the wooden boat on the shore. Luo Tianran triumphantly showed Jin Zeyi the ring in her hand, and said that she felt very suitable for her, so she decided to buy the ring. Come down. Before Jin Zeyi told her that the ring was fake, and only needed to pay 1,000 yuan, now he started talking, but he saw that Luo Tianran really liked the ring that he had found so hard to find. He finally agreed and said that he would make peace. Sponsor communication.

Jin Zeyi and Luo Tianran finally finished filming and returned to the beach villa. Luo Tianran walked over while Jin Zeyi was playing the piano. As soon as Jin Ze played a few syllables, Luo Tianran identified them one by one. He found that Luo Tianran has an absolute sense of sound. The specific pitch of a sound can be distinguished by the reference sound. Luo Tianran may have inherited the genes of the violinist’s mother and is a musical genius.

At this time, Jin Zeyi received a call: a production company was interested in her music works. Jin Zeyi is not optimistic about her current level of composition.

In order to relieve Luo Tianran’s nervousness, Jin Zeyi proposed to invite Luo Tianran to eat tomorrow, and she likes to eat.

The production company really didn’t have any sincerity. They chose Luo Tianran’s songs just to make a name for herself as a wife of Jin Ze.

As soon as Jin Zeyi was recording a new song, the recording engineer was picky in every way, and Jin Zeyi could only endure it. Tiffany took Jin Zeyi to celebrate the seventh anniversary of their cooperation and told him that at the next concert, he could sing his favorite songs.

Because of Tiffany’s intentional concealment, Jin Zeyi did not receive a call from Luo Tianran. Luo Tianran waited until the business closed at the agreed restaurant, but he did not show up.

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