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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 34 Recap

Qin Chuan instructed Qin Wentian to be a chivalrous person like Mr. Gongyang in the future. After saying goodbye, Ye Wuque learned that the ghost wolf and the others had missed, and told them that Qinchuan still had some way to the northwest, so let them go all the way. Followed to find a chance to kill him. On the way back, Qinger felt heartache when she thought of Qin Wentian, took out a pill and took it.

Qin Yao learned that her father had been chased by the Dark Night Clan. Qin Wentian analyzed that the host behind the scenes should be the Ye family. Qin Yao thought it was Yi Heng ’s. Arrangement, Mo Qingcheng said that Yi Heng should not collude with the Dark Ye Clan, but the Ye Family should have colluded with the Dark Ye Clan with Yi Heng on his back, and find an opportunity to divulge the news to Yi Heng.

Mo Qingcheng took the memorial and handed it to Yi Heng. Chu Mang found Ye Wuque and asked him why he wanted to use Zui Meng three thousand to harm people. Ye Wuque said that he was for the Ye family and left. Yi Heng asked Ye Mo to ask. Ye Mo denied that he had colluded with the Dark Ye Clan, and he urged Yi to kill Qin Chuan. Yi Heng was very worried about the Dark Ye Clan. Ye Mo said that Ye Wuque just found a few masters and did not collude. The Dark Night Clan, Yi Heng expressed that he did not want to worry about internal and external troubles.

Ye Mo told Ye Wuque that the dark night clan was Yi Heng’s Nilin. You must be more careful in doing things and don’t drop the handle. Ye Wuque said, Yi Heng still believes in them very much, and now the important thing is to pick Yiheng and Jiuhuamen Qin Wentian. Mao Dun, in order to make the Ye Family invincible. When Chu Mang thought of Yi Wuwei ‘s words, he thought of poisoning the Emperor Yi.

The Jiuhuamen disciples gathered to discuss the reason for Zijian. It was because the Primordial Demon Sword wanted to break away from the seal. The debris on the sword fell and became Zijian. Unfortunately, it was not easy to get it. Qin Wentian couldn’t get out much after entering. Unfortunately, Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng heard about it. Mo Qingcheng wanted to find Moshang and told her not to go to Sword City. Qin Wentian asked Mo Qingcheng to believe him. Mo Qingcheng still wanted to find Moshang, Moshang asked. Elder Mo worshiped the sword city barrier. Elder Mo told him that the barrier was still loose. It is estimated that the demon sword will break the barrier soon. The tragedy 500 years ago will be staged again. Elder Mo is worried about Mo Qingcheng. Injury asked Qin Wentian to try.

So Mo Qingcheng came, and proposed that Qin Wentian should not be allowed to worship Sword City. Moshang asked Mo Qingcheng not to worry. There must be no problem with Qin Wentian’s cultivation base. Mo Qingcheng, tell Qin Wentian to pay attention to safety, Mo Qingcheng So he took Elder Mo around, and Mo Qingcheng gave Elder Mo a moisturizing cream.

Mo Shang told Qin Wentian that the Primordial Demon Sword was connected to the roots of the earth and absorbed the demonic nature of the people of the world. The accumulation will eventually explode in a certain period of time. By then, the world will suffer from the charcoal of the forest. Qin Wentian said that it was okay 500 years ago. It was sealed, otherwise there would not be the current Da Yi. Mo Shang told Qin Wentian the story about the Phoenix and the Primordial Demon Sword.

Huang sealed the Primordial Demon Sword with himself. Therefore, Di Cang and Di Xi fought two big fights. Huang and the two sealed the Demon Sword and sacrificed together. Dixi was very sad. He took his people to the extreme cold and became the Dark Night Clan, and told Qin Wentian that the barrier was loosened. Qin Wentian worried that there was a sword guard 500 years ago. Ji protects the world, but what to do now, Mo Shang told him that there is still a sword guarding Ji, who is the bones and flesh of the Phoenix and the Dixi, just a fetal spirit.

In order to protect the fetal spirit, the Emperor League commissioned the owner of the Mo family to build In the tomb of the phoenix, the old master of the Mo family found the Seven Treasure Crown Tree and placed the coffin of the phoenix under the sacred tree. He used the secret method to catalyze the birth of divine things to feed the fetal spirit. From then on, only Jiuhua Gate and the Mo family guarded the sword city. Waiting for the birth of the Sword Guardian Lingji, Qin Wentian learned that Mo Qingcheng was the Sword Guardian Lingji, and was very excited, not wanting Mo Qingcheng to die for the sword.

Mo Qingcheng was resting in the room. Qin Wentian came to see her and remembered what Mo Shang had said. Only by driving the demon sword can he save Mo Qingcheng. Qin Wentian said that he would not die and would not let Mo Qingcheng die, so he left. , The Dark Night Demon Emperor intends to go to visit the sword city, and the sword city barrier opens.

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