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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 33 Recap

During the Junlin Banquet, Qin Wentian won the top spot. Palace Master Xiao used Qin Wentian’s wrong intentions and wanted to take Qin Wentian’s top spot. Yi Tianjiao told the Regent to take the top spot, so there was no need to let Qin Chuan go .

The Regent said, Xiao The palace lord didn’t want Da Yi to win the top spot. He wanted the people of Xueyun Nation to take the Zijian once. The palace lord Xiao took the opportunity to ask the top nine people except Qin Wentian to go to the sword city together, Qin Wentian said , The regent promised that he would re-investigate the Qin family case when he won the top spot. Yi Tianjiao said that Qin Wentian deliberately hurt people and had already removed the top spot. What qualifications did he have to make such a request to the regent? Bai Qiuxue also said that he was the regent.

How could it be unbelievable. He believed that he should keep his promise. Since Qin Wentian won the top spot, he should have let Qin Chuan go. The regent admitted that he had made this promise, but it has not been proven that Qin Chuan is not an anti-thief. So in the interests of the overall situation, how can he not let Qin Chuan go? Ren Qianxing suggested that the only person who could retrieve Zijian from Worship Sword City for so many years was Gong Yanghong. Although Qin Wentian was seriously injured and Luo Qianqiu today, he went to visit the city with Qianqiu’s cultivation base. In vain, Qin Wentian’s character is like this, how could the Qin family be an opposing minister? Qin Wentian offered to vindicate the Qin family Zhonglie.

Qing’er worked very hard to practice. When her fellow senior was attacked and injured by a rape from Raksha Cave, she asked Senior Sister Mengyu to take her to see the master. The Qin family was released. Ye Mo was very angry. Ye Wuque said that he would take care of them and don’t worry. Qin asked the day with Qin Yao to pick Qin Chuan Qin Chuan let alumnus escort returned, and going back to Jiuhua door suddenly let baiqiu snow stopped, asked him about the white clear message, Qin asked the day so he did not know the specific After returning from Bai Jiancheng, Bai Qiuxue said, I am waiting for you at Jiuhuamen. After speaking, Qin Wentian and Qin Yao left.

Qin Wentian returned to Jiuhua Gate and saw Mo Qingcheng . Mo Qingcheng was very excited when he saw him and asked him where he had been during this time. Qin Wentian told Mo Qingcheng that the Star Soul Stone in his body was already due to the Dark Night Demon Emperor. Fusion, took the opportunity to escape, rescued Bai Qiuxue, and fainted when she came out. After waking up, she went directly to the Junlin Banquet a month later. Qin Wentian said that during this time, Mo Qingcheng worried. Never leave her again.

After Bai Qiuxue returned home, Ye Wuque blamed her for the bad things. Bai Qiuxue made it clear that the Ye family had colluded with the Dark Night Clan, and Ye Wuque threatened her to tell Yi Heng to try. Bai Qiuxue said he was not afraid, and both would suffer. , I met someone asking where the Seven Stars old thief was. The man committed suicide. Qin Chuan encountered the blood wolf and their ambush on the road. Qing’er happened to see him during the fight and rescued Qin Chuan.

Mo Qingcheng found a lot of information for Qin Wentian to worship Jiancheng. Mo Qingcheng didn’t want Qin Wentian to go. Qin Wentian was about to say that Fan Lelai gave Qin Wentian the Star Soul Stone, and Qin Wentian asked Mo Qingcheng to Believe him, Fan Le also said that he believed that he would be able to retreat completely, and suddenly received news that Qin Chuan had an accident. Qin Chuan asked who Qinger was, but Qinger did not tell Qin Chuan his true identity.

The drunk immortal found Yi Wuwei and told him that Chu Mang can solve the drunk dream three thousand, and Yi Wuwei found Chu Mang and told him that the emperor Yi was caught three thousand drunk dreams, and let him help you relieve it. Chu Mang refused to sleep, and Yi Wuwei said outside the door It didn’t take long for Emperor Yi, Chu Mang said it had nothing to do with him. The four ghosts and wolves caught up with Qin Chuan and Qing’er. During the fight, Gong Yanghong and Qin Wentian came and beat the ghost wolf and others. Qin Wentian failed to recognize Qing’er as Bai Qing, Qing’er said After a few sentences, he left first. Qin Wentian said to send Qinchuan, but Qin Chuan refused. Gongyanghong offered to send Qinchuan himself, and Qin Wentian thanked him.

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