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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 30 Recap

Mo Qingcheng and the others met the Dark Night Demon Emperor in the Mo Mansion, and a few people fought, Mo Qingcheng used a spell to tie the Dark Night Demon Emperor, and they took the opportunity to leave. The ghost wolf asked the Dark Night Demon Emperor to return to the temple first, saying that Ye Wuque thought. in homage to him, Mo Allure, who just returned to Jiuhua door, they met Mo injury , Mo hurt to ask where they went, Mo Mo Allure directly driven all say, Qin asked the day with Yi inaction are explained temozolomide Allure , Mo Qingcheng told Moshang that they had encountered a sneak attack.

Moshang told them not to be so reckless in the future, so he let them go back. On the way, Qin Wentian wanted to explain to Mo Qingcheng about the god pattern, but Mo Qingcheng said no After explaining and leaving, the little bastard told Qin Wentian that Mo Qingcheng was no longer angry anymore, so you have to come on.

Mo Shang told Ren Qianxing that Mo Qingcheng and the others encountered a sneak attack that night. They guessed it was a member of the Dark Night Clan. Mo Qingcheng was very curious about who that person was and why he suddenly appeared in Mo’s house. Recalling what happened when they were young, this is the ghost wolf and the others who came to condolences and sent the messenger back. Mo Shang told Mo Qingcheng to ban Jiuhua Gate for a month, and let Ruohuan look at her. Mo Qingcheng was very anxious after returning. Wanting to find out what happened, Yi Wuwei came to Mo Qingcheng and asked him if he had any clues about Emperor Yi.

Mo Qingcheng said that the three thousand drunk dreams smell sweet and the complexion of those with this secret technique is flushed, which can make people inhaled. Long sleep is not awake, it is made from nine kinds of herbs, and different formulas have different refining treatments. Unless you know which nine kinds, there is no way to crack it, there is no way to help you, and Yi has no choice but to leave.

Bai Qing recalled her past with Qin Wentian. She was very sad. When she came out, she was so happy to see the people around her. Bai Qing still felt very painful and couldn’t get out, but she was willing to apprentice. Master renamed Bai Qing Qinger, Bai Qiu Xue drew pictures at home. Ye Wuque came to tell her that she was practicing together in Tian Menglin. It seemed that her plan had failed. Ye Wuque said that he promised to let the Bai family stand, but don’t let him down. Bai Qiuxue said he thought of a way. Up.

Mo Qingcheng received Bai Qiuxue’s invitation to go to the Dark Forest to return her god pattern. Mo Qingcheng went to the Dark Forest but was calculated by Ou Chen. Qin Wentian received the message that Mo Qingcheng let Ye Wuque rob Ye Wuque to the Ye family and let him speed up go with. Qin Wentian looked for Mo Qingcheng everywhere but couldn’t find Mo Qingcheng. Ou Chen told Ye Wuque that when he watched Qin Wentian exit the Jiuhua Gate, he sent Mo Qingcheng back. Qin Wentian met Bai Qiuxue on the road, and Mo Qingcheng woke up.

When I learned that Ye Wuque sent him back, Qin Wentian came to see her in the afternoon, and she hurried out. Bai Qiuxue took Qin Wentian at Ye Mansion and was arrested by Ye Wuque. Bai Qiuxue was very angry, why didn’t she follow the plan Ye Wuque said that if I was obedient, I could let Qin Wentian live a few more days, otherwise I would kill him. Bai Qiuxue was heartbroken. At this time, Ye Mo came and said that he would take Qin Wentian to the palace to the regent. Ye Wuque Qin Wentian is still very useful.

At this moment, Mo Qingcheng came to ask Bai Qiuxue for someone, but Bai Qiuxue said she didn’t know. Mo Qingcheng directly exposed her lie, said she did not admit it, she went to find it by herself, Qin Wentian woke up I was worried about what happened to Mo Qingcheng. Ye Wuque told him that Mo Qingcheng didn’t like him, but Ye Wuque, believe it or not, was a fact.

Ye Wuque brought Qin Wentian to the dark night demon emperor’s place and handed Qin Wentian to the dark night demon emperor. Bai Qiuxue heard Ye Wuque’s conversation with them.

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