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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 29 Recap

Mo Qingcheng recalled what happened before in the backyard. At this time, many butterflies flew in. Ye Wuque left quietly after seeing it. Ye Wuque found Bai Qiuxue and told her that Mo Qingcheng had broken up with Qin Wentian and the plan was at least half successful. Bai Qiuxue said that half of that was the only difference between success and failure. Ou Chen found Ye Wuque and told him that they would join hands to deal with Yi Wuwei , and Bai Qiuxue took the initiative to catch the weakness of Yi Wuwei.

The Dark Night Demon King learned that Ye Wuque and Ye Mo were once the two chess pieces of the lone wolf. If the ghost wolf hadn’t mentioned that he would have ignored such a big chess game of the lone wolf in a foreign country, he was good at advocating even the ancient gods of the Mo family. Chuang, the daughter of the Mo family was so like her, it seemed that he was going back to the Mo family in Yi country to find out, Mo Shang came back to find Mo Qingcheng, and asked her to take Nolan back to Jiuhuamen with her first, and Mo Qingcheng reluctantly agreed.

Qin Wentian drank boring wine alone, and Yi Wuwei came to ask him about Mo Qingcheng. Qin Wentian explained about the divine pattern, but Mo Qingcheng didn’t know it. He said that this painting meant nine days long, and it was originally a gift. To Mo Qingcheng, and by coincidence, to Bai Qiuxue, Yi Wuwei told Qin Wentian to leave the painting is that 30 years ago at the top of the King’s Landing Banquet, he was the only Gongyanghong who obtained the Zijian in the city of worship. He had a chance. You can pay a visit, and learn more about the King’s Landing Banquet’s victory. The King’s Landing Banquet depends on you.

Mo Qingcheng was in the room, and the animal told her that they had misunderstood Qin Wentian. The painting was given to you by Bai Qiuxue. Mo Qingcheng asked how it learned about it. The animal said to eavesdrop on Qin Wentian and Yi Wuwei Speaking, Qin Wentian also said that this picture meant that the picture is long and long, and Mo Qingcheng said it was worrying. Qin Wentian went to worship Fang Yanghong and wanted to ask how to get the top of the Junlin Banquet. Bai Qiuxue went to Jiuhuamen to find Qin Wentian but was turned away. When he met Yi Wuwei, Yi Wuwei blamed him.

He said that he didn’t mean it. Ye Wuwei didn’t know where to get a secret technique, and he had no chance of being awake. Although it looked all right on the surface, it could kill people invisible. Yi Wuwei thought of his father and asked if it was Who gave it to him, Bai Qiuxue told him that it was the champion, but the technique was colorless and tasteless, and the giving was extremely complicated, but once a person was treated, he couldn’t wake up. She was very worried that Qin Wentian would be hit by this. People’s tricks must be conveyed to Qin Wentian.

Gong Yanghong took Qin Wentian to see another divine pattern. The two people had different opinions. Qin Wentian’s explanation reminded Gong Yanghong of the past, when Bai Qiuxue and Ye Wuque met to plan how to capture Yi next. Wuwei, Yi Wuwei returned to the residence of Emperor Yi, smelling a strange smell, worried that he was really hit by the surgery, Qin Wentian found Mo Qingcheng to explain, Yi Wuwei suddenly appeared to ask Mo Qingcheng for help, Mo Qingcheng helped analyze, Yi Wuwei again Back to the palace to investigate, Qin Wentian stopped Mo Qingcheng, and Mo Qingcheng said when he would rescue Emperor Yi, he was not sure. If Young Master Qin wanted to rescue General Qin, he would prepare for the King’s Lin Banquet.

Fan Le and Yi Wuwei sneaked into the palace together. At the residence of Emperor Yi, Fan Le found the incense ash, and accidentally knocked it over and was discovered when he was watching. Fan Le had no choice but to knock Yi Wuwei back to Jiuhuamen, Mo Qingcheng Hearing what Fanle said, I remembered a secret technique Drunken Dream Three Thousand, but I had to go home and read the book. The ghost wolf told the night demon emperor that he had placed the Wangtu mirror outside the imperial city. The night demon emperor promoted the ghost wolf as the head of the wolf. The ghost wolf said that Qin Wentian had a friendship with the Mo family girl, and the demon emperor asked the ghost wolf to go with him. Go check it out.

Mo Qingcheng took Qin Wentianyi’s Wuwei Fanle back to Mo’s family and let Fanle let out the wind. Mo Qingcheng told them to be careful. When they were looking for something, they accidentally triggered the secret technique. Qin Wentian rescued Mo Qingcheng, little bastard. Entering another space, after breaking through the formation, but unable to find the entrance, Mo Qingcheng asked if the little bastard was cultivated by Qin Wentian’s blood, could your blood be the secret medicine, Qin Wentian cut his hand and gave it a try Everyone went in and successfully found the book. When they left, they met the Dark Night Demon Emperor.

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