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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 28 Recap

Bai Qiuxue cried to Qin Wentian and told him that she was forced to cry. Qin Wentian replied that the pattern of the gods has not been completed yet. I will give it to you when it is completed. Qin Wentian told Bai Qiuxue that Bai Qing was at Jiuhua Gate and was poisoned. Fortunately, the poison has been relieved, but it disappeared when she woke up. Bai Qiuxue was very grateful to Qin Wentian for taking care of Bai Qing. Bai Qiuxue was thinking about something in the room. Senior Brother Chu came to give her a birthday gift, Blood Yanguo, and asked What does Bai Qiuxue think about? Bai Qiuxue answered him that he still couldn’t let go of Qin Wentian.

At this time, Senior Brother Chu said that this is human nature, but if you make such a choice, the road will be more difficult in the future, not to mention what will happen to Ye Wuque , Mo Qingcheng You and Qin Wentian admire each other and have deep feelings. Are you ready to give everything but no response? Bai Qiuxue understood, but was unwilling to let go. Feeling that her relationship with Qin Wentian did not want outsiders to interfere, Senior Brother Chu left after hearing this.

On the way to escape, Bai Qing encountered the Dark Night Race chased and killed. She was rescued by a mysterious woman and brought back to Qingyun Pavilion. Bai Qing woke up, thanked the senior for her life-saving grace, found that her clothes had been changed, and hurriedly searched for it. Hairpin, senior took out her hairpin and asked if it was this. After Bai Qing got the hairpin, she suffered from angina. Senior told him that you were deeply poisoned before. Although you took the antidote, the poison was too deep to be eradicated, and you can’t get rid of it later.

With emotion, once you use the power of the stars in your body, you will be backlashed, and you will work hard, and you will not want to live. He will give him the Qingyun Pavilion pill and tell him that if you are emotional again in the future, taking one will relieve his pain. , It’s just that the power of the star soul that has dissipated from the body is indeed unable to recover, and Bai Qing is invited to stay in the Qingyun Pavilion. Bai Qing is afraid to disturb the senior, and the senior said that you worship me as a teacher and interrupt the conversation.

Ye Wuque called Elder Jiang in the middle of the night and told him that Qin Wentian’s skill was great, and said that only the husband’s, thunder anger can resolve the matter, get rid of this person to avoid future troubles, and the two companies work together to make him dead. Tell him that Yi Heng deliberately wins over Qin Wentian and will definitely pardon the Qin family. Do you think he will let you go for your relationship with Qin Wentian?

Therefore, the immediate delay is to prevent Qin Wentian of Jiuhuamen from turning over. Elder Jiang said, Qin Wentianmu has no respectable head and humiliated me many times, and he crippled his beloved apprentice Ou Feng by killing him and causing him to be unable to practice in this life. The Jiuhuamen still guarded him wholeheartedly, how could he swallow this bad breath, and expressed his willingness to smear the ground for Ye Family.

Bai Qiuxue recalled that when she was a child, Ye Wuque came to give a gift, and then left. Qin Wentian sent the gift to the Royal Academy for others to pass it to Bai Qiuxue. Bai Qiuxue was very happy when she saw it. The elders of the Royal Academy of the Picture Appreciation Conference asked who gave him the gift. Bai Qiuxue said it was given by an expert. Later, Ye Wuque said that it was painted by Qin Wentian. Bai Qiuxue and Ye Wuque reached a cooperation, and Ye Wuque arranged Ou Chen must ask Mo Qingcheng to attend the appreciation meeting. The appreciation meeting began, and Mo Qingcheng invited Qin Wentian to send it out for a look, and Qin Wentian agreed to go together.

Senior Gong Yanghong also came to the appreciation meeting. When he saw the god pattern, he remembered himself when he was young. Others interrupted him and asked him how the painting was. He said it was a rare work in the world, Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian After arriving, Qin Wentian saw that it was his own plan to take it away, and was stopped by others. Everyone did not believe that it was Qin Wentian’s painting. Several people also had disputes. This is from Qiu Shui’s statement. The painting was indeed painted by Qin Wentian, and it was presented to her on her birthday. Mo Qingcheng heard the holiday greetings with Bai Qiuxue and left.

Qin Wentian explained to Mo Qingcheng, but didn’t know how to say it. Mo Qingcheng left in annoyance. Gong Yanghong asked Bai Qiuxue to give him the picture. She kept it and she would cause trouble. She would take care of it. Bai Qiuxue thanked her senior, and Mo Qingcheng returned. When he arrived at Mo Mansion, Ye Wuque came to visit. She asked the maid Nolan to tell him that he had fallen asleep. Ye Wuque left the present. Nolan turned it down on behalf of Mo Qingcheng, but couldn’t refuse, so she asked Ye Wuque to leave. Up.

Gong Yanghong met Qin Wentian, admired him and left.

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