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First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 5 Recap

When I got up early in the morning, Xiong Yifan kept sneezing. Ding Ming told Xiong Yifan that an elective course would be taken today. Later, Xiong Yifan said that the elective course needs to be taken with Yan Ke, and then hurried over, but hit him halfway. A boy had his hair stuck in his schoolbag, so the two of them kept a strange posture and went to the classroom.

Then the boy finally pulled off Xiong Yifan’s hair. It turned out that the boy was called Bai Yuze. The strange posture of the two people was noticed by the teacher. The teacher in the class said, don’t bring the usual bad ethos into the classroom. The classroom is a sacred place. Pay attention to your words and deeds. Then Xiong Yifan ran away, but her campus When the card fell to the ground, Bai Yuze picked it up and saw a picture of Xiong Yifan.

Then the teacher called, but Xiong Yifan did not arrive. The teacher told everyone that although this is an elective course, it involves three parts, one is attendance, one is homework, and the other is grouping. If you are grouping, at least no less than Two people, so the teacher asked everyone to work in pairs. After Xiong Yifan arrived, the teacher blamed her for being late. After a while, Yan Ke said that he still lacked one person, so Yan Ke went with Xiong Yifan. Xiong Yifan and Yan Ke were going to eat. Xiong Yifan said that he could not find his campus card. Then he asked Yan Ke to borrow it.

Yan Ke agreed. After a while in the dining room, Xiong Yifan had a runny nose, so Yan Ke helped Xiong Yifan wipe his nose. The two wanted to order twice-cooked pork in the cafeteria, but there was no more. Xiong Yifan asked Yan Ke why he only had soup? Yan Ke said that his stomach is not feeling well, which has been the case all these years. Ding Ming photographed in the playground, which is called photography, but he was actually taking pictures of handsome guys. Xiong Yifan said, why do you have to look for a sports department to find a boyfriend? Sweat is so smelly, and he is not as gentle and considerate as Yan Ke.

Can also play the piano. Ding Ming took a close look at Xiong Yifan’s face and found that she was not wearing sunscreen, so he went to give Xiong Yifan sunscreen, told Xiong Yifan to close his eyes, and sprayed Xiong Yifan with sunscreen. Xiong Yifan put on an ugly expression and was caught by Ding. Ming took the photo, so Ding Ming said that he could threaten her with the ugly photo in his hand, and then the two started fighting.

When Ding Ming came back from the playground, he heard the passing classmates say that a handsome internet celebrity senior who was a junior has come back. He was originally very attractive, so Ding Ming wondered, who is this? Then I entered a room, but this room did not open the door, to another room, and then Ding Ming saw the posted photos, did not expect that there are such masters in the school, and the composition is very good, I don’t know if it is. Which great god in the school. He opened a box, yelled, his eyes were shot, and Bai Yuze opened the door and entered the room.

He said, “Who let you in, Bai Yuze came in and wiped Ding Ming, then Ding Ming thanked him, Bai Yuze said that he still had things to do and left. Before leaving, he also asked Ding Ming to open his eyes in a while. Yan Ke and Xiong Yifan were in the library. Xiong Yifan gave Yan Ke the sugar and said thank him for inviting him to dinner.

Then Yan Ke gave Xiong Yifan an elective course about classical music. Xiong Yifan became fascinated and found Yan Ke very attractive. Then Yan Keyuo Xiong Yifan went to the movies. When the two people were watching the movie, it was very unnatural. After a while, both of them touched their hands. Both sides kept staring at the screen. While at school, Yan Ke returned to the dormitory. His roommate asked Yan Ke if the movie was good, and then Yan Ke said it was good. Then laughed. Yan Ke remembered that Xiong Yifan threw the bidding on the playground, very cute, so he laughed, but then the smile gradually faded.

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