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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 2 Recap

After Lu Jin left, the kitchen was quiet again. Grandpa felt fine, but found that there was a wad of money on the console, which was quietly given by Gu Shengnan. Who said that widows and old people are pitiful? Gu Shengnan wanted his grandfather to feel that he was not childless, and that his grandfather had his granddaughter. She could honor him, and she would do her best for his grandfather.

At lunchtime, Lu Jin sat on the long table for the first meal again, anxious but still pretending to endure it. Because of Lu Jin’s love and only his love for Gu Shengnan’s craftsmanship, Gu Shengnan was hired right after he was fired, and went back and forth.

When he returned, Gu Shengnan was lively and arrogant. Chu He Han Jie generally stood in front of the manager. She used all these things as a rogue. She did everything with her cooking skills. She was not arrogant and really sorry for her all these years. Potatoes. Be proud when you should be proud.

Gu Shengnan changed into the chef’s clothes on the same day, and his name was changed to chef Gu. For nothing else, because Lu Jin in the 1123 room can only eat the food she makes, and Lu Jin is related to whether the acquisition of the entire hotel can be negotiated. It is important to weigh Gu Shengnan’s status. In less than a day, the serfs turned over and sang.

The WeChat group dinged on the phone after get off work. Xu Zhaodi and another friend sent a message, found a reason for her to celebrate her promotion, and made her own claim to pack the room next to 1123. So it was late at night that the whole hotel room was filled with bouncing shouts and screams, and even shattered the silence of 1123 next door. Lu Jin was disturbed.

It doesn’t matter if the private room is too expensive. The wine at the bar is like drinking money and you don’t care. The money is going to be spent anyway, so you need to enjoy it. After drinking and three rounds of mental confusion, Gu Shengmen was lying on the sofa half-wake and half-awake. He just remembered that he and a friend had said that he wanted to report 1123. If there were no residents of 1123, she would have been begging on the side of the road.

This would wake up with a sigh of relief and prepare to repay, but why did the friends who yelled just now disappeared. I was blinded by drunkenness, and I couldn’t think of too many things carefully, and my mind was full of gratitude. Carrying a wine bottle and barefoot, wearing pajamas with fluffy hair, regardless of the mountains and ridges to the target 1123.

At this time, Xu Zhaodi, who left without abandoning his friends, appeared in the bar. Coincidentally, Lu Jin’s assistant came to strike up a conversation. He had just ordered a glass of wine and had not yet seated, but the bell rang. The contact information of the beauty did not arrive, but was called back by the boss in a hurry, as if she was still in a hurry.

There was a loud noise from the balcony of 1123 Lu Jin here, and a Cinderella fell down. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that it was the girl who splashed water and engaged in a car. His face did not see Cinderella’s expression.

Seeing 1123’s guests standing in front of him, Gu Shengnan yelled happily sincerely and gratefully. By the way, he was overjoyed and vomited. Lu Jin was all drunk. Lu Jin was about to reason. Gu Shengnan fell to the ground again and drunk. Lu Jindu She suspected that she was afraid of being scolded deliberately.

Dirty all over, the alcohol must be washed. Lu Jin took off his clothes and went to the bathroom to wash. Gu Shengnan was awakened by the sound of water. She thought that the opposing ghost had no good intentions, and she was soberly thinking about what kind of moves could be used to defeat the enemy. When Lu Jin heard the sound, he pulled the door to check and saw another hangover girl after a boring fall.

The enemy won’t move, I won’t move, just like that. This is Gu Shengnan lying on the ground at this moment.

Lu Jin put her on the bed again to continue taking a bath, moving her back and forth, and she also pretended to be dead. The assistant just came back, opened the door and saw the girl in pajamas lying on the bed in a mess, and the president who took off her coat and was at a loss. It’s not clear at this time, Lu Jin stubbornly intends to clarify the ins and outs.

During the detailed explanation, there was no one on the bed! Is this girl really a ghost? Come and go without a trace.

Gu Shengnan went to work the next morning after the hangover, and 1123 had arranged a proposition lunch for her early on, and called for her to cook with red wine. Gu Shengnan, who has a burst of inspiration, paired with steak, pears, pigeons, and pudding, what is it, the dishes are rich, the color is bright and attractive, the plate is exquisite, all kinds of ingenious thoughts are secretly hidden in the dishes.

Plates of delicacies were delivered to the long table. Lu Jin’s curiosity and expectations were both satisfied, and his satisfaction doubled, so he asked to see this amazing female chef. As soon as Gu Shengnan heard it, he was guilty and avoided seeing him. He sent a dish of rich meaning to his attendant and refused Lu Jin’s request to meet.

When the chef didn’t come, Lu Jin personally walked back to the kitchen, and the well-informed attendant gave a warning letter with a wink.

Sure enough, Gu Sheng couldn’t avoid it. Gu Sheng’s feet took a slow step. The two met in the corridor. Gu Shengnan hurriedly turned and went back to change clothes. He was blessed with work clothes and masks.

Just turning around in a hurry, the headscarf fell off but he didn’t realize it. Lu Jin took the headscarf and called the long-haired girl who was passing by to stop.

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