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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 15 Recap

Gao Tianshuo is concerned about Roche’s new case A Sam and Tao Tiantian are in crisis

Du Mingshan, Liao Qianman and Li Meiqi applied facial masks and talked about Li Meiqi’s upcoming work. Liao Qianman thought that Li Meiqi had the opportunity to meet the handsome guys in the company, but Li Meiqi paid more attention to her work. At work the next day, Li Meiqi met Gao Tianshuo in the company. Gao Tianshuo knew that Luo Yuefang had recruited her into the company, and only he understood Luo Yuefang’s mental state.

Li Meiqi and Luo Danfang talked about work together. Xu Kaiyu kindly brought coffee. He knew Luo Danfang’s preferences very well. At the same time, he wanted to know more about Li Meiqi. He gave Xu Kaiyu’s 100 questions to Li Meiqi and gave out a copy of Li Meiqi. Baiwen asked her to fill in, and when she saw that she was a little reluctant, she began to bargain, and was finally driven out by Luo Danfang. Tao Tiantian’s live broadcast started to catch on, and many fans came here admiringly, and the business of her mother’s fish stall also improved.

Gao Tianshuo found that the people in the company were very busy these days and felt a sense of oppression. He guessed that the company might be running a big case, so he asked Luo Yuefang about it by using Li Meiqi’s topic to chat. Luo Yuefang did not hide it either. He gave him the relevant information directly and asked him to help him with his opinions. Gao Tianshuo read the information very seriously, his expression became serious, and he decided to study it in depth. Li Meiqi did not have dinner with Luo Danfang at noon and wanted to hurry up to familiarize himself with the work content. Luo Yuefang stepped forward to care about it after seeing it, and introduced a measure to improve employee welfare.

Seeing that Gao Tianshuo was busy studying Roche’s new case, A Sam persuaded him not to be too involved. This was inconsistent with their original intention to experience Roche. Moreover, it was not for them to sell their lives. There was no need to be so serious, but Gao Tianshuo did not. I think this case is meaningful. A Sam followed Tian Tian’s live broadcast and saw that she said that she did not have a boyfriend, she became irritable inexplicably, and also updated her Weibo homepage in the name of ten pages and hung up photos of herself and some beautiful sisters.

Going up, Tian Tian was also very angry when she saw it. She kept contacting A Sam, but he never responded. So she went to Du Mingshan’s house to complain to her friends. Everyone comforted her and complained about ten pages, but also had to take Du Mingshan into consideration. Feel. Du Mingshan said that she had read in a book before that girls are brave in front of love, while boys are weak in front of love. Maybe A Sam also thinks like this.

Everyone asked Tian Tian to ask A Sam face to face, but Tian Tian could not find him. Everyone guessed that A Sam was next door. Tian Tian called A Sam but did not respond. Du Mingshan sent a message to ask Gao Tianshuo, Gao Tianshuo answered truthfully, Du Mingshan It is said that Tian Tian was waiting for A Sam on the balcony. A Sam wanted to escape but was taken to the balcony by Gao Tianshuo. A Sam didn’t know how to speak to Tian Tian. Tian Tian asked him three questions.

Especially when asked if he likes himself, A Sam didn’t know how to answer and expressed his troubles. Tian Tian said that he understood. He meant that he would not cause trouble to him in the future, and then turned and left. Seeing this, the sisters didn’t know how to comfort them. After a few drinks, Tian Tianmeng left Du Mingshan’s house.

Early the next morning, Du Mingshan met Gao Tianshuo while exercising. She wanted to take the opportunity to mention the editor-in-chief’s invitation, but in the end she did not open her mouth. Du Mingshan prepared a nutrient solution for Gao Tianshuo, but it was really hard to swallow. In order to live up to her painstaking efforts, Gao Tianshuo gritted his teeth and drank. At the strong request of the editor-in-chief, Du Mingshan sent another message to Gao Tianshuo. Gao Tianshuo replied that he could go to the editor-in-chief’s appointment. Du Mingshan could finally make a deal, but she was reluctant to be used by the editor-in-chief.

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