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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 14 Recap

Tao Tiantian’s live broadcast of fish selling attracts fans’ attention, Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan began to exchange information.

In the morning, Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan met on the balcony. Gao Tianshuo asked Du Mingshan if he could call her. Although he had Du Mingshan’s phone number, he wanted to ask for Du Mingshan’s opinion. Du Mingshan agreed to the call between the two and asked about it. The editor-in-chief asked Ten Pages for dinner, Gao Tianshuo promised to help her ask Ten Pages and suggested that he reconsider it. After going to work, the editor-in-chief asked Du Mingshan about eating with Shiye. Du Mingshan pushed the time to next week because he was not sure.

Liao Qianman and Li Meiqi came back from buying vegetables. Liao Qianman told Li Meiqi some tips on buying vegetables and cooking. Li Meiqi regretted not learning more from her aunt. Jing Fan couldn’t come because of something. She asked Liao Qianman to pass on more The photo was given to her. Li Meiqi found that Tao Tiantian had something to do and could not come. Her mother was sick and she wanted to help take care of the fish stall. Tao Tiantian was doing the live broadcast while selling fish. At first, no one paid attention. When she took off her coat handsomely and began to work sweating profusely, it attracted a large number of fans to watch, and her live broadcast was the first time. Qian, this made her very excited.

Liao Qianman suggested that Li Meiqi call Luo Yuefang together to thank him for his help to Li Meiqi, but Li Meiqi was embarrassed to speak up. Liao Qianman asked her to treat him as a simple meal, and Li Meiqi made up her mind. Luo Danfang didn’t know what to bring to the party. Luo Yuefang said that he could provide her with two bottles of red wine. At this time, Li Meiqi called to invite Luo Yuefang. He immediately agreed and mentioned that Li Meiqi helped him at the beginning, saying There is a tie between the two, let Li Meiqi not be so polite in the future.

Luo Danfang took four bottles of red wine and thanked his brother for his generous donation. Liao Qianman taught everyone how to make dumplings. When Luo Yuefang saw Gao Tianshuo busy writing on the balcony, he walked over to strike up a conversation. He also intentionally or unconsciously said that everyone did not invite him to eat dumplings, which made Gao Tianshuo a little unhappy. He mentioned his own article about the article. The opening remarks and the secrets of the rise of Roche’s enterprise as counterattacks were tacitly shared.

After the dumplings were made, Li Meiqi specially brought Luo Yuefang to the balcony, thanking Luo Yuefang for letting herself go to work in the company, and at the same time expressing her determination to work hard and not disappoint Luo Yuefang for her help and encouragement. Luo Yuefang said that she would treat her equally. Du Mingshan also prepared a plate of dumplings for Gao Tianshuo, and Gao Tianshuo took it to the balcony to show off to Luo Yuefang.

Tian Tian shared her joy with everyone, and everyone sent blessings and encouragement. They saw Luo Yuefang and Gao Tianshuo talking all the time. Luo Danfang mentioned ten pages of things they experienced in the company. Du Mingshan also mentioned that when they moved, they were experiencing moving. Workers, guess all the experience should be written in a book. Luo Yuefang had to leave first when he had something to do. Luo Danfang specially asked Li Meiqi to see her brother. Luo Yuefang was in the elevator because there were too many people to protect Li Meiqi, and the two felt different under the eyes.

Gao Tianshuo sent Du Mingshan a message saying that the dumplings were delicious, and waited for her reply, but after half a day, Du Mingshan hesitated to reply, wrote a lot, and finally deleted them, only three words back. , You’re welcome, this makes Gao Tianshuo very strange. Just when A Sam came over, he asked A Sam to send a message to himself immediately. From the time point of view, there should be a lot of words, and he was puzzled.

In the middle of the night, Gao Tianshuo asked A Sam to go shopping together at the convenience store. The next morning he started busy making breakfast, and then sent a message to Du Mingshan. In return for dumplings, he asked Du Mingshan to eat breakfast, but he forgot his share. Du Mingshan asked him to sit down and share with him. The two were a little embarrassed when they ate, and they didn’t know what to say. Finally, they discussed the issue of eating. Gao Tianshuo felt that eating was a waste of time, but Du Mingshan had different opinions.

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