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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 13 Recap

Luo Yuefang fixes Li Meiqi’s fraud, Tao Tiantian decides to have a showdown with A Sam.

Luo Yuefang and Gao Tianshuo sneaked into Du Mingshan’s house from Gao Tianshuo’s house. Luo Yuefang defeated Wu Sanjin’s two younger brothers. Wu Sanjin immediately hijacked Li Meiqi. He saw that it was Luo Yuefang who had come to save people. He was very famous in the underworld. Wu Sanjin immediately persecuted and said If he knew that Li Meiqi was his, he wouldn’t dare to move her to death, but Luo Yuefang didn’t let them go. Instead, after taking back Li Meiqi’s badge and seal, he sent them to the police station.

After recording the confession from the police station, Luo Yuefang and Gao Tianshuo comforted Li Meiqi and Du Mingshan respectively. Seeing Du Mingshan calm on the surface, Gao Tianshuo actually trembled with fear, so he stepped forward and took her hand to comfort and praised her for being very brave. Du Mingshan said that she hates such bullying of people who have just entered society. Li Meiqi was worried that those people would retaliate against herself and wanted to move out of Du Mingshan’s house. She was afraid that it would hurt her good friends. Luo Yuefang told her that those people already knew about her relationship with her and would not dare to harass her again, so she was at ease. Du Mingshan lives at home, so call him directly if you have any issues.

The sisters came to comfort me after learning about Li Meiqi. Xu Kaiyu also brought some calming things to Li Meiqi, and helped her make tea. Everyone discussed the matter and felt that Luo Yuefang was a man and Gao Tianshuo, a good neighbor. It’s very reassuring. Only Tao Tiantian and A Sam didn’t come to watch the movie because of a date. Tian Tian was also worried after seeing the information. A Sam let her relax, because Luo Danfang’s brother is here and he can do things about the underworld. Settled.

Gao Tianshuo worked overtime at the Roche company and happened to meet Luo Yuefang. He had a detailed discussion with Luo Yuefang about Li Meiqi’s affairs. He pointed out that Luo Yuefang’s good intentions, he clearly liked Li Meiqi but wanted Xu Kaiyu to pursue him, and wanted to relieve her pain of losing love. In fact, doing it is also an escape. It may be because of his ex-girlfriend’s affairs that he dare not like Li Meiqi, Luo Yuefang did not comment.

The next day, everyone came to Jingfan’s shop to meet. Tao Tiantian used Xu Kaiyu as a demonstration to teach everyone how to guard against wolves. Xu Kaiyu was screamed. Everyone was very happy when they saw it. Then they all cared about Tiantian and her boyfriend. During the progress, Tian Tian looked at Du Mingshan. Du Mingshan said that she likes ten pages of works only, and it has nothing to do with feelings. Then Tian Tian received a message from A Sam, so she left midway and told everyone to do it today.

To confirm a result. Tian Tian and A Sam were chatting together on the mountain and naturally hugged and kissed. Tian Tian suddenly felt that she was new to everything about A Sam. She asked A Sam to send herself back, and asked his real name and family members before getting off the car. , A Sam said nothing, Tian Tian got out of the car disappointed, but said to herself very painfully. She especially liked this person. This kind of ambivalence made her wonder what to do. A Sam was also a little depressed. He ran to Gao Tianshuo’s house for a drink and told him about his experience. Gao Tianshuo helped him analyze and help him resolve.

The sisters persuaded Luo Danfang to reconcile with his brother. Luo Yuefang was also thinking about Li Meiqi’s pitiful appearance, so he made up his mind to help her, so he called Li Meiqi and asked her to come to work in her company. Li Meiqi was very happy after hearing this, Du Mingshan and Du Mingshan Liao Qianman was also happy for her. Li Meiqi, Du Mingshan and Liao Qianman discussed the dumpling-making party tomorrow to celebrate, but they did not allow Luo Danfang to take some precious things from home. Li Meiqi said that she would buy the ingredients. Liao Qianman learned to cook from her mother since she was a child. If you go out on your own, you must buy cheap and good-quality ingredients.

When Luo Danfang heard that his brother agreed to let Li Meiqi come to Roche, he immediately changed his attitude towards Luo Yuefang and began to offer all kinds of courtesy, massage and praise, which made Luo Yuefang a little uncomfortable.

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