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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 12 Recap

The relationship between Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan is getting closer and Li Meiqi’s job hunting fraud attracts attention.

Gao Tianshuo helped Du Mingshan solve the water heater problem. Du Mingshan was a little touched. Assistant A Sam saw the two ambiguous actions and misunderstood the relationship between the two. Gao Tianshuo did not want to explain to him. Du Mingshan sent an email to ask about the editor-in-chief’s treat. Gao Tianshuo responded in seconds, but did not agree. Du Mingshan knew that this would be the result. If he went to dinner with others so easily, he would not be a mysterious ten-page teacher.

Luo Yuefang communicated with Luo Danfang, because Luo Danfang had been fighting with him, and his parents were coming back soon. Seeing that this situation was not very good, he took the initiative to tell his sister why Li Meiqi was not recruited, mainly because of Li Meiqi’s self-esteem Too strong. If she does nothing to recruit into the company, she will be burdened with a heavy burden. Although Luo Danfang understands his brother’s idea, he still blames him for not helping her good friend to apply for another company. She thinks her brother seems to have something to do. Concealing himself, Luo Yuefang remembered the scene when Li Meiqi had helped him. That was the secret between him and Li Meiqi.

Li Meiqi saw Gao Tianshuo eating instant noodles, so she prepared some food for Du Mingshan to send over. Du Mingshan was a little embarrassed, Li Meiqi sent it on her behalf, Du Mingshan specially put a bunch of lychees on it, Li Meiqi attributed her behavior to Du Mingshan Gao Tianshuo expressed his gratitude to Du Mingshan for his kindness, and added another point to Du Mingshan’s favor. The next day, Du Mingshan returned the washed clothes to Gao Tianshuo, and Gao Tianshuo returned the dishes from yesterday to Du Mingshan after washing the dishes. Each said thank you. Du Mingshan asked the editor-in-chief about the invitation. Gao Tianshuo said that he would consider ten pages. , Du Mingshan told Gao Tianshuo that she would update her daily routine normally, and the relationship between the two seemed to be a tacit understanding.

Gao Tianshuo came to Roche and recorded his impressions of the company by recording. At this time, Luo Yuefang’s bodyguard came over and told Xu Kaiyu that he would go to the conference room for a meeting half an hour later. Xu Kaiyu’s very nervous appearance made Gao Tianshuo curious. He guessed Xu Kaiyu’s Xu Kaiyu admired Xu Kaiyu’s worries. At the same time, because his pursuit of Li Meiqi was related to progress and seemed to be forced by others, Gao Tianshuo felt that there was an article in it. Xu Tianyu reported the progress to Luo Yuefang, and was frightened by Luo Yuefang’s attitude. Luo Yuefang heard that he didn’t even know what company Li Meiqi was working for or what type of work he was engaged in. He was limited to one hour to find out.

Xu Kaiyu was pulled over by Luo Danfang as soon as he left the house, saying that Li Meiqi had just sent a message and felt that the new company was weird. Luo Yuefang and Gao Tianshuo stopped when they heard it. People from those companies asked her some strange questions, and they said that she lived in a very high-class place and that she must have money at home. Luo Danfang wanted to bring Li Meiqi back. Du Mingshan, Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu waited downstairs in that company. After a long time, after making preparations, Li Meiqi walked down. They hurriedly took Li Meiqi home.

Luo Yuefang heard about Xu Kaiyu’s report and learned that the company’s boss was Wu Sanjin, a scumbag in their industry. He specially selected the little girls who had just entered the society and signed the bank cashier’s check loan under the pretext of job hunting. He and Gao Tianshuo hurried to Du Mingshan’s house. At this time, Wu Sanjin had already taken someone into Du Mingshan’s house and controlled the two of them.

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