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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 11 Recap

Gao Tianshuo blames Du Mingshan for his pain and Xu Kaiyu struggles with the slow progress of his relationship.

Gao Tianshuo was a little bit self-blame when faced with the painful Du Mingshan. He did not expect that assistant A Sam would cause such great harm to Du Mingshan by pretending to be himself, so he looked for an opportunity to comfort her, but he didn’t know how to express it, so Du Mingshan was confused. Here, especially when he mentioned that he liked to watch her daily and asked her to continue to update every day, Du Mingshan thought he had misunderstood the ten-page email he sent.

Back at home, Du Mingshan told Li Meiqi about her thoughts, and said that she was helpless with Shiyegu’s feelings and the situation in front of him. Li Meiqi patiently comforted and explained Du Mingshan, and pointed out that it is not wrong for her to like Shiye Teacher, but it is just a matter of fate. I just missed it, and teased her that Gao Tianshuo was also very good. Gao Tianshuo helped Du Mingshan’s magazine to finish writing the feature story, and A Sam came over.

He was distressed because of his relationship with Tao Tiantian. He thought that Tiantian was the same as him. After a one-night stand, he shot and fell apart. He didn’t expect Tiantian to want to talk to him. Continuing to develop, this made him a little at a loss. He wanted to cut off and liked it. He was afraid of trouble if he wanted to continue. Gao Tianshuo taught him a lesson and made him have to make a decision. He can’t always hesitate like this, and it hurts himself. It pits others again.

Gao Tianshuo went to experience life in Luo Yuefang’s company. He forcibly asked to participate in a negotiation organized by Luo Yuefang. He saw Luo Yuefang’s posture of the superior and negotiated with a company, asking for an increase in the compensation provided by the other party. The other party felt that the increase was too large, Luo Yuefang Warn the other party that if they disagree, they can terminate the contract.

After the expiration, they will all switch to the opponent’s dead opponent, scaring these people to rush back to discuss. Gao Tianshuo raised his own question, but he still recognized Luo Yuefang’s method very much. Afterwards, Gao Tianshuo followed Luo Yuefang to the place where Luo Yuefang wanted to discuss matters with his partners. The two had some disputes over the issue of writing the book. Luo Yuefang Questioning Gao Tianshuo’s writing style, Gao Tianshuo was dissatisfied with Luo Yuefang’s so-called final review.

Luo Danfang was very curious that Gao Tianshuo would come to work at Roche, and asked about Gao Tianshuo with Xu Kaiyu. Gao Tianshuo said that he was only here to experience life, and then wrote a related book. Luo Danfang told Du Mingshan’s depression and also told his sisters. We showed her comforting chat to Gao Tianshuo. Gao Tianshuo felt even more guilty and felt ashamed of Du Mingshan’s love of her feelings over the years. Li Meiqi was about to go for an interview. Xu Kaiyu was about to invite her to dinner, so she called Luo Danfang together.

Xu Kaiyu felt that she could never eat alone with Li Meishan, indicating that the relationship between the two could not go further, which made him very depressed. Gao Tianshuo happened to join this dinner too. Xu Kaiyu wanted to ask Li Meiqi alone twice, and even willing to go to her aunt’s house to wait. Even if it was midnight, he was still rejected by Li Meiqi. Xu Kaiyu revealed that he wanted to improve the progress of his relationship. When I saw it, I was a little curious. Where can I set a schedule for my love and treat it like finishing work?

The editor-in-chief praised Du Mingshan after reading the ten-page special manuscript, and offered to invite her to dinner, but his purpose was to ask Du Mingshan to arrange the ten pages. This made Du Mingshan who was still in a contradictory period a little embarrassed, and Du Mingshan had to After delaying time, the editor-in-chief set the time for a certain day next week and asked Du Mingshan to fix the restaurant in advance. Du Mingshan met Gao Tianshuo and his assistant in the elevator when he returned home. Du Mingshan wanted to ask the editor-in-chief about the ten pages for dinner, but she asked who would reply to all her information. A Sam told her that the important email was herself Reply in person, and other assistants will reply.

Du Mingshan was cooking at home, accidentally smoking caused a smoke alarm. Gao Tianshuo wanted to help when he saw it. Du Mingshan solved it by herself. Later, Du Mingshan found that there was no hot water in the bath. When she went out to check the water heater, she ran into Gao Tianshuo. Du Mingshan only put on a bath towel. Gao Tianshuo quickly turned around. Du Mingshan’s leg suddenly cramped. Gao Tianshuo walked over to help. Just when A Sam came out, Gao Tianshuo hurriedly surrounded Du Mingshan with his clothes.

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