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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 33 Recap

Teacher Yao from Linglong Magazine helped Su Wenli recognize Jiang Yinong in the photo. Jiang Yinong is a student of Ding Rushan and is still at St. John’s University. Su Wenli went to Jiang Yinong for this. She confessed that Ding Rushan escaped from prison. According to the news, he also showed the photo to Jiang Yinong. Jiang Yinong recognized that this photo was taken when they went to Northwestern for archaeology. Their relationship was very good at that time, and now he and Xu Lepeng have occasional chats. As for the photo The only woman is Ding Rushan’s lover, named Xu Siyuan.

After seeing the photo, Li Yujuan recognized Xu Siyuan as the one who rescued her. Xu Siyuan put her in the hospital and left. Li Yujuan heard that Ding Rushan had escaped from prison. She was going to hide in her hometown in Jinan. Wenli and Luo Qiuheng were also afraid of her accident, and prepared to send someone to escort her back. At the same time, Shen Xiaoan has found out about Xu Siyuan. She and Xiao Taozi came to Xu Siyuan. They learned from the priest that a man called Xu Siyuan last night. Xu Siyuan mentioned the teacher-student relationship she had with Ding Rushan back then.

After the trip to Helan Mountain, all of Ding Rushan’s whereabouts were different from usual. During the tomb robbery trip, Ding Rushan did not let them take things out of the ancient tomb, but brought out a pair of glass cups and a piece of sheepskin. As a souvenir, the ancient sheepskin scroll recorded the treatment of exchange of blood for blood. When she was in an antique shop, she discovered that Ding Rushan was forcibly feeding the little girl to drink. She took advantage of Ding Rushan’s attention. The little girl was carried to the hospital, which was when she was about to leave Ding Rushan.

Xu Siyuan wrote an anonymous letter to the police that year, but she did not expect that Su Wenli’s sister could not be saved. Su Wenli mentioned the jade pendant that was lost in the antique. She believed that Ding Rushan stole it, but Xu Siyuan took out the jade pendant. She took it. After Ding Rushan was imprisoned, Jiang Yinong and his party went into the tomb again. They took out many things from the tomb, but Ding Rushan somehow got news from the prison. He threatened Xu Lepeng not to You must sell the jade pendant to others, otherwise he would kill Xu Lepeng. Xu Siyuan didn’t want this jade pendant to cause trouble. She secretly took the jade pendant, but everyone did not expect Ding Rushan to be so cruel.

Ding Rushan had previously learned from Suyun that Su’s family would drink milk every morning. He pretended to be a milk deliverer and delivered the milk to Su’s family. Su Wenli did not eat breakfast. She came to Jiang Linong with the jade pendant given by Xu Siyuan. Jiang Linong mentioned the legend of this jade pendant. The jade pendant belongs to Yin. It is said that the emperor’s jade pendant possesses the ability to bring people back to life. The reason why Ding Rushan went to Helan Mountain in the past was not only for wealth, but also to find a way to bring the dead back to life. He also studied the two pieces of bronze sent by Wenli.

The words “newborn” and “daughter” were written on them. In ancient times, this daughter used to make blood sacrifices for girls. Su Wenli was panicked. She called home, but No one answered the phone. At this time, Ding Rushan entered Su’s house openly. The Su’s house was in a mess. Everyone was under anesthetic. He took away Suyun who had passed out after drinking the milk.

Su Wenli went home and found something wrong and immediately called the police. She concluded that Ding Rushan was the milkman, and Luo Qiuheng also received an alarm call from the church school. Su Wenli wanted to go with him, but Luo Qiuheng saw that Su Wenli was emotionally wrong. , Let Su Wenli stay in the office. Su Wenli was waiting in the office for Luo Qiuheng to return. She calmly mentioned that Ding Rushan had a seriously ill daughter who had passed away.

He relied on the ancient sheepskin scrolls brought from the ancient tomb to search for blood sacrifices. The two analyzed the law of blood sacrifices. , Found that he had been looking for a girl born on July 15th, Su Wenfei’s birthday was wrongly registered for Su Wenli’s birthday, Su Wenli was the one born on July 15th, and Ding Rushan had been looking for it. Offerings.

Su Wenli was about to find Ding Rushan, exposed to Ding Rushan’s sight, Luo Qiu Hengsheng was afraid that Su Wenli would be in danger, he arrested Su Wenli in the name of assaulting the police, Xiao Taozi came to see Su Wenli, Su Wenli remembered What Xu Siyuan told her was that someone told Ding Rushan about Yupei.

She excluded a few people in the photo and thought that the only possibility was Jiang Linong. She was very anxious and knew that Luo Qiuheng had gone to find Jiang Linong. Luo Qiuheng is now in danger. It’s time for Xiao Taozi to see Su Wenli. In order to get Su Wenli out, Xiao Taozi had to steal Su Wenli’s gun and pointed it at Shen Xiaoan. Shen Xiaoan knew that Xiao Taozi would not shoot, but Xiao Taozi was sobbing. He couldn’t help it at all, so Xiao Taozi had to put a gun against him. He went to prison and released Su Wenli. After Su Wenli came out, she directly put Shen Xiaoan in prison.

Luo Qiuheng came to look for Jiang Linong. Jiang Linong took Luo Qiuheng into a secret room. The secret room was in the shape of an ancient tomb with countless treasures hidden inside. Luo Qiuheng asked about the whereabouts of Yu Pei, but Ding Rushan took advantage of Luo Qiuheng’s unpreparedness and he and another man attacked. With Luo Qiuheng, Luo Qiuheng and Suyun were locked together. Soon, Su Wenli found the secret room. She took a pistol and broke into the secret room alone. She saw Ding Rushan. Ding Rushan had already been here waiting for Su Wenli’s arrival. He planned to sacrifice Su Wenli in blood and rebirth his daughter.

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