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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 31 Recap

Quan Hee was chasing Park Qi Cai and told her that he wanted to do a romantic thing with her. When Park Qicai saw that he wanted to play the Ferris wheel, she refused, saying that she wanted to go and play the jumping machine. But Quan Xizheng took out the research data of related scholars about accidents in the jumping machine, and said how likely it is to have an accident when playing with the jumping machine. Park Qicai was a little speechless, saying that even if he played the Ferris wheel, there might be a fall from high altitude, so he made up his mind to go to the jumping machine.

Two people came to a cold drink shop to buy something to drink. Park Qicai insisted on buying a glass of ice, but Quan Xizheng wanted to let her and the room temperature one, but he still couldn’t help her. Unexpectedly, Park Qicai would soon have diarrhea because of drinking ice water. Quan Hee was giving her something to eat and asked her to eat a little bit. Park Qicai didn’t dare to eat too much because of the one-size skirt, but she couldn’t resist the temptation of food.

After eating a few bites, she unexpectedly broke the skirt when she got up, making the atmosphere very embarrassing. Quan Xizheng took off her clothes and surrounded her, and the two set out again to continue playing. Kwon Hee Jung once again suggested that he wanted to play with the Ferris wheel. Park Qicai looked unhappy and said that he was like this, he still had the heart to play, so he let out cruel words, saying that he would go home if he stopped playing. Go, and run away alone.

She found a row of seats and was about to rest here, but she thought in her heart that if Quan Xi didn’t come to see herself within a few minutes, she would be really angry. At this moment, she heard the two uncles and aunts next to her talk about the legend about the Ferris wheel. If people in love watch the sunset on the Ferris wheel together, they will be together forever. Only then did she know that the romantic thing Quan Hee was talking about to herself was because of this beautiful legend, he wanted to be with herself forever.

Thinking of this, Park Qicai was no longer angry, and ran to the Ferris wheel. Quan Xi was lining up by himself. I don’t know if Park Qicai will come. When I was anxious, Park Qicai suddenly appeared, and the two got on the Ferris wheel happily. Quan Xi was seeing her take off her high heels because she was too tired and walking barefoot, so she took out the flat shoes he had bought for her before, and Park Qi Cai felt warm. The Ferris wheel was getting higher and higher, and suddenly stopped at the highest point. Park Qicai hurriedly asked Quan Hee if something happened. Quan Hee was seriously saying that it was not an accident, but a story about to happen, between himself and Park Qicai. Park Qicai was very happy, and the two kissed tightly.

Park Zaiyu returned home with great heart and complained to Park Qicai that Yang Kong wanted to find Lin Yi to get back together , and Lin Yi actually suspected that he had interfered in her private life. Park Qicai gave him some advice and asked him to go directly to Lin Yi to ask him. But Pu Zaiyu said that he did not dare to go, and was afraid that he would really hear Lin Yi’s answer, so Pu Qicai advised him to think carefully and not let Yang Kong take advantage of it.

Early the next morning, Park Qicai dressed up and prepared to go out. When I walked out of the room, I found that my brothers were all blocking the door. Park Qicai was quick to say what she and Quan Hee were doing together, and let the brothers let them experience this time, knowing that they would definitely take their place at any time. Support yourself. She came to the school happily and found Quan Xizheng. Although she didn’t have a class, she wanted to accompany him in his class. After class, the two agreed to eat barbecue together. On the way, they met He Yuanzhu.

Although she wanted to invite two people to eat together, Park Qicai refused. He Yuanzhu went to dinner alone and ran into Cha Yunxian . Cha Yunxian asked her why she found out that she was not with Park Qicai every day. Only then did he know that Park Qicai and Quan Xizheng had officially established a romantic relationship. He quickly found Park Jae-jiao and confirmed the incident, feeling very depressed. After a lot of dealings, Park Jae-shang had all his ex-girlfriends withdrew the complaint, but this was what Xi Ziyi expected. She also warned Park Jae-shang that she would keep staring at him.

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