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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 30 Recap

Park Jae-shang didn’t accept Kwon Hee-jung ‘s remarks at all, saying that he did not lose, or at least he would lose. Quanxi didn’t want to say much, except that he was deceiving himself, and left the restaurant. Park Qicai hurried out and asked him why he didn’t wait for herself, and also said that he thanked him for helping Park Jae-shang today.

But it’s strange to say that Park often entangled with his girlfriend in Shang, but never caught fire, but as long as he faces Xi Ziyi, he will become like a pupil. Quan Xizheng said that this is not surprising. After all, the two of them were separated because of a misunderstanding, so it is normal to miss it a little. He also said that he also realized a truth from this incident. To love someone you don’t need to worry too much or think too much. You shouldn’t let the person you love wait too long, and you shouldn’t miss it because of a misunderstanding. He asked Park Qicai back, and he did not agree with this statement. Park Qicai nodded, very happy.

After returning home, He Won-soo made a video call to Park Qicai. Park Qicai told her by the way that she and Kwon Hee-jung are real boy and girl friends now, and asked He Won-soo what she should prepare for the first date. He Yuanzhu said that dating things should be let Quan Xizheng come to think about, let her be more reserved.

However, under the pressure of Park Qicai, she still gave advice to Park Qicai. Park Jae-shang is also looking for lawyers everywhere, hoping to win Xi Ziyi’s name. Unexpectedly, when the lawyers heard Xi Ziyi’s name, they were too scared to take the case. Park Qi Cai went up to ask him where he should choose for the first date. Quan Xi was rummaged all over the house and found out the amusement park tickets he had prepared before.

He was seen by his mother and told him a particularly romantic legend. Quan Xizheng doesn’t believe in legends at all, but Quan’s mother said that for girls, the important thing is not the legend, but the mood of preparing surprises for the other party. Park Qicai was very happy after receiving Quan Hee Jung’s playground ticket, and said that she would go back and prepare well. She called He Yuanzhu to the house to help herself choose the clothes to wear tomorrow, and asked her to tell her brothers about it.

But Park Qicai always couldn’t choose suitable clothes. He Yuanzhu said that she just bought a set of clothes that might meet her standards, and decided to go home to get them at Park Qicai’s pleading. When I walked out of the room, I saw a few older brothers all sitting at the table, and quickly said that Park Qi Cai and Quan Hee were about to date.

Park Qicai cleaned up early in the morning, quietly carrying her shoes and preparing to sneak out of the house, but eventually met Park Jae Woo and was forced to ask if she was going on a date with Quan Hee Jung . When she came to the playground, Quan Xi was seeing the high heels that Park Qicai was wearing and asked if she was really sure to wear high heels to visit the playground. Park Qicai said that she had no problems.

The two of them were going to ride the Ferris wheel, but unexpectedly ran into Park Qicai’s high school senior, who secretly told Quan Hee Jung, the beautiful legend of riding the Ferris wheel. Yang Kong and Kong Taotao met at the restaurant about time. Because Yang Kong waited for her for two hours and didn’t answer the phone call Kong Taotao. He was very angry. He even expressed his anger without concealing it. He was touched by the scene and remembered. once Lin obedience of their own.

Park Qicai wants to take Kwon Hee Jung to play in the haunted house, but Kwon Hee Jung always says that he does not want to play, which makes Park Qicai very disappointed. Park Jaeyu came to the library to find Lin Yi, and wanted to send her lunch, but accidentally saw Yang Kong come to look for her again. He rushed up and left with Lin Yi. Lin Yi told Park Jaeyu on the road that he didn’t want others to say that he could handle his own affairs well.

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