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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 29 Recap

Lin Yi plucked up the courage andstepped onto the stagewith Park Jaeyu.After a long period of training, the two had already become very close. After the performance, there was thunderous applause from the audience. Park Jae-yu asked her if she was happy. Lin Yi said that he was very grateful to him, because with him, he is no longer the shadow of anyone and can truly be himself. Colorful Park and right-hee is returning home, and the brothers launched a family meeting, Xi Ziyi talking about something, please.

Park Jae-kaku asked what Quan Hee was thinking about. Quan Xizheng said that Park Jae-shang was in danger, and it could even be said that he deserved it, but he said he could persuade Park Jae-shang. Although Park Qi Cai also wanted to go, her brothers persuaded her that this is a conversation between men, and everyone knows the past between Park Jae-shang and Xi Ziyi too well, maybe only Kwon Hee-jung compares it to an outsider. it is good.

When Park Jae-shang saw Quan Hee walking over, he insisted that he was lucky today, but he would continue to test him in the future. Quan Xizheng said that he knew, but today he knew that he was so affectionate. Although he knew nothing about his past, he let Park Jae-shang treat himself as a tree hole and talk to his heart. Park Zaishang spoke slowly, saying that Xi Ziyi was the first person he liked. He helped Xi Ziyi solve a troubled person, and the two naturally met and knew each other. Finally, Park Jae-shang confessed to Xi Ziyi. Unexpectedly, the other party responded positively to him. The two of them have been inseparable throughout the four years of university.

However, after the two graduated, Xi Ziyi’s parents opposed the relationship between the two. The two were forced to break up, and Xi Ziyi also went abroad. Quan Xizheng realized that it turned out that Park Jae-shang’s disagreement with Park Qicai’s love is not his own problem at all, but that he has always imposed his tragic emotional experience on Park Qicai. Park Jae-shang did not deny it, but he still told Quan Xizheng that if he was sorry for Park Qicai in the future, he would not let him go.

Park Jae-shang returned to the room, still remembering how helpless he was on the day he broke up with Xi Ziyi. Sitting in the car, Xi Ziyi recalled that she went to a KTV door to wait for Park Jae-shang, but saw Park Jae-shang being helped out by a woman and taken away. She was so angry that she shed tears on the spot. However, she quickly picked up her mobile phone and called Park Jaeshang, saying that she wanted him to come out and talk about compensation.

Park Jae-shang wanted to win a round and drafted a revenge plan, and quickly called Quan Hee Jung to advise him. Although several people were not optimistic about his plan, they still agreed to help him carry out this plan. Each of them became a waiter in the restaurant. After Xi Ziyi came, they wanted to show her the success of Park Jae-shang.

Unexpectedly, Xi Ziyi would see it all at once, and said everyone’s name and corresponding role, and said that he would wait for him to talk to him like an adult next time. Park Jae-shang was very disappointed because of Xi Ziyi’s cold attitude. Everyone came to persuade him to make him want to start. But Pu Zaishang suddenly said that Xi Ziyi still remembers everyone in the Pu family, proving that she has not forgotten, so she is not a loss. Quan Xizheng said that with his attitude, he had already lost because, deep in his heart, he had never forgotten Xi Ziyi, and even loved her.

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