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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 28 Recap

Quan Xi was rushing into the heavy rain to find the earrings, and told Park Qi Cainot to go anywhere. She waited for a long time and didn’t wait until Quan Xizheng came back. Thinking that the road must be slippery because of the heavy rain, she rushed into the rain, thinking that she could not let Quan Xizheng look for it alone. She found Quan Xizheng just in time to see that he found her earrings in the mud. She was very happy and ran over immediately.

Unexpectedly, the two of them fell into a pit. Park Qicai blames herself very much, she said it was her own reason, so two talents would fall in. Quan Xi was hurting her hand just to protect her, and Park Qi Cai was even more unhappy. Fortunately, Friday string found that two people were not there. The teacher quickly organized the students to find them and finally rescued them. With tears in her eyes, Park Qicai applied medicine to Quan Hee Jung. When Quan Hee took out the pair of earrings and gave it to her, she picked up the earrings and threw them out.

She said that no matter how important earrings are, Quan Hee-jung’s hands are not as important. For a person who wants to play the piano, his hands must not be injured. While talking, she said that she had used the tape that day and she didn’t know where she put it, so she took Quan Xizheng’s backpack to find out if it was inside, but she accidentally discovered the love bracelet that Quan Xizheng had secretly placed. She asked Quan Xizheng if he had been to the store at the time, but he was late, so he still cared about himself in his heart.

Quan Xizheng did not deny that Park Qicai only blamed him, why didn’t she say it earlier and make herself sad for so long. She put on the bracelet again, and happily followed Quan Xizheng with the ingredients for camping after a run. After the camping was over, Quan Hee was sending Park Qicai home, and Park Qicai insisted on asking him if the two of them were reconciled now, but they were seen by Park Jae-shang. He sternly told Park Qicai to go home. go with.

After returning home, Park Jae-shang called his brothers together and asked them why they wanted to indulge Park Qicai and the scumbag Quan Hee Jung. Although his brothers tried their best to explain for Quan Xizheng, he still said that he firmly opposed the reunion of the two. He privately found his countless ex-girlfriends, and wanted them to try Quan Xizheng for himself. In order to inquire about the relationship between the two people, Park Jae-shang also secretly listened to the corner of Park Qicai, but Park Jae-jung found out, he quickly pulled Park Jae-jung back to the room. He told Park Jae-jung that, judging from his years of experience, Kwon Hee likes Park Qi-chae.

But given that Park Qicai was so sad for him before, she was determined not to let the two reunite again. Park Qicai used the excuse that Yoo Kwon Hee came out to discuss the orchestra. He wanted to meet him when he saw the news and readily agreed. The person Park was looking for in the business came to the cafe deliberately and deliberately asked Quan Hee Jung to strike up a conversation. Park Qicai and Park Jae-shang came to the café together. Before they even went in, they saw Quan Xizheng leaning against the man, making Park Qicai very angry.

She finally couldn’t sit still, and rushed in with Park Jae-shang. Unexpectedly, Quan Xi was fine, but Park Jae-shang was surrounded by a group of ex-girlfriends. Just when he saw the needle and wanted to take the opportunity to slip away, he was blocked by a person at the door, and Pu Qicai turned out to be Xi Ziyi. It turned out that she was invited by one of her ex-girlfriends to make a claim against Park Jae-shang. From the first sight of Xi Ziyi, Park Jae-shang was completely stunned.

The dance competition between Lin Yi and Park Jaeyu also began soon. Seeing Yang Kong and Kong Taotao cooperate in a tacit understanding, Lin Yi seemed to be touched again. Park Jaeyu quickly comforted her and said that he would be with her.

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