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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 27 Recap

Quan Xi is supervising Park Qicai. After she has eaten and drank enough, he is going to take her to continue practicing piano, and said that he has found her a part-time piano job, so that she must not be late. Unexpectedly, Qian Jingwan’s advice, Park Qicai was still late, but Quan Xizheng still let her go in quickly. After Park Qicai finished playing a piece of music seriously, a person came over and said to her that he thought she played very well, and handed her her business card so that she could find herself if needed. Park Qicai took the business card, only to realize that the other party was a professor at the Juilliard School of Music.

Then she understood Quan Hee’s true intentions of calling herself here. It turned out that he had been silently paving the way for himself. Just because of what I said casually, I wanted to pass the Juilliard School of Music. Park Qicai was very moved. She went out to see Quan Xizheng’s back and couldn’t help feeling mixed. She said that she was really scared. If she really missed the professor because of her lateness, she would regret it greatly. Kwon Hee Jung said that although he arranged for her to join the Whale Orchestra, he knew that the professor would be present at the performance, but in the end it was Park Qi Cai who won the harvest with her own skills.

The first performance of the Whale Orchestra was very successful, so the school also rewarded the team members to go camping and barbecue together on weekends. Not only did they relax everyone, but more importantly, they cultivated the understanding between everyone. You need to do it yourself. Park Qicai came to the jewelry store where He Yuanzhu worked and told her about camping. Also, because of Yao Yao’s comparison, she looked very depressed.

Park Jaegong suddenly received a call asking him to play a role with few scenes and no lines. He was very dissatisfied and even let the assistant not use it tomorrow. When Park Qicai came home, she packed up a lot of things for camping, making her brothers a little confused about the situation. Park Qicai embarked on the camping trip happily. She kept trying to attract Quan Hee Jung’s attention, but she never thought that Quan Hee Jung would cleverly avoid her.

Quan Xi is temporarily being pulled by Yao Yao to help her set up a tent, and Park Qicai becomes jealous and feels very upset. In the evening, everyone gathered together to play the piano and sing with the teacher. Yao Yao pretended that she had diarrhea and was going to the bathroom. She sneaked up to a tent and pulled out the rope fixed on the ground. Unexpectedly, there was a strong wind in the evening, and Park Qicai’s tent really collapsed, and Quan Xi rushed over with worry.

Seeing that there was nothing wrong with Park Qicai, in the face of the coming thunderstorm, he took the initiative to invite Park Qicai to live with him in his tent. Upon seeing this situation, Yao Yao said it was really cheaper than Park Qicai, otherwise the person in Quan Xizheng’s tent at this time would be herself. In Kwon Hee Jung’s tent, Park Qi Chae took the initiative to show off the earrings she had specially selected, hoping to make Kwon Hee Jung praise herself.

Unexpectedly, Quan Hee was full of casual expression, saying that Park Qicai had been tossing herself for a day, and it was ugly to let herself see this thing that her grandma didn’t even wear. Park Qicai immediately ran out of anger, but Quan Xi had no choice but to pick up the umbrella and chase after him. Piao Qicai cried and said to him that he always made himself unclear about his preferences, which made his mood sometimes go bad. Quan Xizheng said that it was his fault to make her feel uncomfortable.

The most important thing now is to go back to the tent first. Not wanting to rain down suddenly, the two had to hide in the melon shed nearby. Quanxi was telling her that she actually looked pretty with earrings. Suddenly, Park Qicai forgot the unpleasantness. She reached out her hand and found that the earrings were missing. She was about to go out and look for it. Quan Xi was stopping her and said that she would help her find it.

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