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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 26 Recap

Facing the difficult problem thrown by Wu Xian, Park Qi Cai was obviously stunned, but with her super memory, she answered a satisfactory answer. The teacher was very satisfied and quickly gave the second question. Park Qicai was full of confidence and was not inferior to Friday string at all. Director Kong stood up and asked them, telling them who was wrong. Park Qicai took the initiative to stand up and said that she was wrong, and she was slow by a beat.

In the third round of the competition, Friday Xian took the lead and won non-stop praise from the audience. Quan Hee was squeezing his hands tightly, worrying about Park Qicai. Fortunately, Park Qicai was not afraid of danger and completed the match very confidently. After the final result came out, Park Qicai lost to Wu Xian by only one point. She specially congratulated Wu Xian, but Wu Xian did not like to compete with her at all, but she just thought she had won.

She is equal to winning Quan Xizheng. Park Qi Cai wanted to argue for him, saying that her strength does not represent Quan Hee Jung’s strength. Everyone continued to criticize her and said that she has now been labeled as Quan Hee Jung. Fortunately, Quan Hee Jung appeared in time and interrupted. Everyone’s discussion.

Park Qicai seemed to have been hit. Facing Cha Yunxian ‘s comfort, she never became happy, saying that she was going to retreat. This competition finally made her see that the gap between herself and Kwon Hee Jung was not a simple one-point difference at all, so she had to work harder to truly be worthy of performing on stage with Kwon Hee Jung. With the help of Park Jaeyu, Lin Yi ‘s dance became very flexible, and the two began to formally practice the duet dance.

Park Qicai was angry and slammed at the piano, but Quan Xizheng pulled it out. Quan Hee was telling her that her failure this time was that she didn’t really lose herself. Then he took Park Qi Cai to the bar and asked her to observe a hundred people in this place and gave her three days. Three days later, I will test her results.

Seeing that the game was approaching, Lin Yi looked very nervous. Park Jaeyu took her to the candy store, preparing to make handmade candies with her, so that she could relax. After Lin Yi made the candies, his mood seemed to relax a lot. He also said that the candies made this time were too successful. The most important thing is that they were made by two people.

The tacit understanding between the two is getting higher and higher, and the dance practice is getting more and more skilled. On the day of the game, when Friday string came on stage, she suddenly couldn’t get on stage because of diarrhea, so the teacher had to find Park Qicai to come to the rescue temporarily. Park Qicai hurriedly hurriedly finally came to the scene. She ran to several pharmacies to buy diarrhea medicine for Wu Xian, and finally she performed on Wu Xian. However, Park Qicai was standing in the background watching everything perfect on stage, and she seemed happier than she was on stage.

After the performance, Friday Xian expressed his gratitude to Park Qicai. Park Qicai said that it was Wu Xian who got it from her own strength, and now everyone’s attitude towards herself is getting better and better. This is also her biggest gain. Friday Xian said that although she helped herself this time, she still won’t change her attitude on the piano unless Park Qicai’s skills convince her. However, I was still willing to give pointers to Park Qicai. I had always wanted to beat Quan Hee-jung, but now it seems that winning him as a teacher is also a good choice.

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