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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 12 Recap

After investigation, the murder weapon was found to be a dagger at the scene of the murder. The dye on the bottom was the same as the dye on Long Yue’s body, which added to his suspicion. No matter how Ju Mu’er explained, Yun Qingxian suspected that she was grateful for Long Yuezhi’s eyes, and deliberately lied to justify it. He did not believe that she heard the testimony of a fourth person present.

Long Yue was escorted to Kundian and temporarily imprisoned. To save his brother, Long Teng participated in the court trial. According to Haigui’s own eyes, it was Long Yue who entered Zhu Fu’s room with a hip flask that night, and then had a fierce quarrel over business matters, and then came back to know that the murder had happened.

Haigui’s testimony, coupled with the dye on the weapon, human and physical evidence are all against Long Yue, and the momentum of the first floor of the world is getting stronger and stronger. With Ding Yanshan in the middle, Long Yue has plenty of motivation to kill.

However, Long Yue’s testimony was exactly the opposite. When Ye Mingming was drunk, Zhu Fu woke up and took the initiative to come to his bedroom, wanting to drink with him, and when he was drunk, he would relieve his past grudges. Who knows, Long Yue helped Zhu Fu back into the room, and as soon as he comforted him to sleep, he was stunned with a palm from his back. After waking up, he was escorted to Kundian before he returned to his mind.

Long Yue clearly remembered that when the murderer committed the murder, there was a smell of sesame oil. This is the most directional discovery so far. Long Teng is temporarily unable to save the dragon from leaping into the jail, and Shubo has always regarded Wu Jinwei as a thorn in his eyes. This time he does not know what kind of conspiracy he is planning in secret, so he can only find the murderer as soon as possible to prevent the night from dreaming.

Haigui’s confession once mentioned that he had drunk flower wine that night. When Long Fei and Fengwu came to Huafang to check the confession of Peony, under the cover of the old bustard, Peony was able to escape from illness. The eyes of the two flickered, sneaky, obviously conceiving a ghost, Long Fei couldn’t get the truth, and angered himself, but Feng Wu’s mind was delicate and steady, as if she had a clever plan.

Ju Muer kindly came to prison to visit Long Yue, but the two of them had a disagreement, and they had another dispute. When Long Yue learned that Ju Muer was willing to marry into Long’s family for the sake of avoiding death, he was speechless for a while, and when he reacted, he couldn’t help being filled with joy. The two of them were like a child’s play. .

Yun Qingxian heard from the side that Long Yue and Ju Mu’er had been privately appointed for life, and he immediately ordered the entire street to be sealed off until the murderer was found. Ju Muer moved with reason, and couldn’t stop Yun Qingxian from going on her own way. She was surprised that the other party had changed her past to be gentle, and then she could see the true nature of this person.

It turns out that Zhu Fu’s death was related to Taishi Ding’s trading of official positions, and his possession of a roster is ironclad evidence of the murderer’s trading of official positions. The murderer wanted to support Zhu Fu and replace the Long family to become the nobleman of the royal family. Who knows that this person is short-sighted and cannot be reused. Hai Gui wanted to steal back to the roster while he was drunk. Who knew he was threatened by Zhu Fu, and this pained the killer.

A series of changes made it impossible for the murderer to retrieve the roster, and no one knew whether Zhu Fu mentioned the roster with Long Yue before his death. Taishi Ding, in order to be foolproof, would rather kill his mistakes than let him go, and ordered Long Yue to be killed. Extinct.

The murderer brought the food box, pretending to be the reward ordered by Shubo to the prison guard, took advantage of the situation, stunned him, and successfully sneaked into the prison. Although Long Yue was prepared for a long time, he was finally lost. He was stabbed into the abdomen with a poisoned dagger in advance by the murderer, causing him to become unconscious. Fortunately, other guards in the prison arrived in time to start the murderer.

Long Yue was killed in Kundian prison, but Shu Bo did not intend to release him from prison. No matter how tough Long Teng’s attitude was, he remained unmoved. On the contrary, after detoxification, Long Yue woke up and persuaded Long Teng to be patient and to use himself as a bait to lure the murderer into a snare.

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