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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 11 Recap

Long Yue suspected that Ding Yanshan was responsible for the arson of the home wine shop. She took out the fire book and pointed out that there was a mark of Ding’s house on it. Ding Yanshan mistakenly believed that it was an unintentional act that led to the home wine shop. After catching fire, Ding Yanshan realized that there was no mark on Huo Zhezi, and then she knew that she had been deceived.

Long Yue angered Ju Mu’er because when she was alone with Ding Yanshan, she induced her to tell the truth, and in a few words passed on her forgiveness of Ding Yanshan. Long Yue deliberately directed Ding Yanshan’s anger toward him to avoid the other party’s anger at Ju Mu’er. Right now, it caused Ju Mu’er to misunderstand but had no intention of explaining.

Zhu Fu tried his best to set the location of the martial arts conference on the first floor of the world. Because Ju Muer was the first heir of Qin Sheng, she was so short that she begged her to come and play a song. Ju Muer agreed to this request because she had her own plan.

Shu Ruochen is about to marry into the palace. As long as she thinks of serving her husband with her aunt, she will inevitably be separated from each other. Besides, she doesn’t know what the other party looks like. Shu Ruochen entered the palace on the pretext of playing the piano for her aunt to relieve her boredom, and took the opportunity to ask Long Teng to show her Long Yan. Who knew that the other party deliberately induced her to misunderstand that the old German King was the emperor, and Shu Ruochen turned around and ran away.

Soon, everyone gathered on the first floor of the world, preparing to hold the so-called martial arts conference. Ju Muer circulated around the beams, provoking Ding Yanshan’s anger, and it happened that Long Yue arrived in time, just listening to the tune of Ju Muer. Many Yingying and Yanyan came from the back hall, each sitting beside the man.

The original martial arts convention had not yet begun, but it became a land of fireworks. Ju Muer danced on the stage with purple gauze on her face. Everything was ready, Feng Wu brought all the wives here at the right time, seeing her husband lying in the gentle village, the scene suddenly jumped.

Seeing that the reputation of the first building in the world was destroyed, Zhu Fu used alcohol to dissipate his sorrow, and confessed that Ding Yanshan was rejected while drunk. Ding Yanshan also confessed to her heart impulsively. Long Yue refused to Ding Yanshan, and she also admitted on the street that she was in love with Ju Muer, and it was also a rumor.

Previously, Zhu Fu had promised to buy all the drinks from the home wine shop today. At the moment, Ju Muer, who is drunk and unable to check out, can only stay overnight with Long Yue on the first floor of the world.

Having it in the first place will make people think of it for granted. Only when you lose it can you know how to cherish it. Only when Ju Muer can see the light again, can he understand more deeply and see how precious this beautiful world is.

Alone men and widows live together in the first floor of the world. Looking at Ju Mu’er, who is full of contentment and happiness, Long Yue was stunned for a while. Before he knew it, he was already moved by the people in front of him. Similarly, Ju Mu’er learned the truth from Feng Wu’s mouth and understood that Long Yue took a lot of pains, and only then can he play Zhu Fu today in return for his kindness.

Ju Muer, who returned to her room to rest alone, recalled all the past, and suddenly discovered that Long Yue had no other shortcomings except for occasional bad temper. Ju Mu’er thought of Long Yue’s goodness in her heart, and an uncontrollable smile was enough to show that her heart was rippling.

In the middle of the night, Ju Muer was awakened by an abnormal sound, which led him to the Longyue Room, but saw that there was no one inside. Ju Muer was cautious all the way, and turned to Zhu Fu’s house, and saw that the other party fell silent in a pool of blood, while the unconscious Long Yue was lying beside him.

A dagger was gradually approaching behind Ju Mu’er. She felt cold behind her, pretending not to know, and calling for help loudly did she start the murderer. Yun Qingxian urged Ju Mu’er to report the crime, and after hurriedly arrived, he wanted to take away the newly awakened Long Yue. After all, there was only Long Yue at the scene of the murder, and even if Ju Muer testified, Yun Qingxian’s routine cross-examination was not wrong.

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