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First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 4 Recap

Xiong Yifan told Ding Ming the next day that he kissed Yan Ke yesterday after drinking too much. Xiong Yiyifan said that he looked at Yan Ke and couldn’t hold back for a while. Ding Ming asked Xiong Yifan to share details, so Xiong Yiyifan Speak out, Song Hua heard it at this time.

Yan Ke was in the dormitory and remembered what Xiong Yifan said to him last night. Xiong Yifan said that evening if he should not hate him. Then he kissed Yan Ke. Song Hua went back to the dormitory and asked Yan Ke if he would buy some pictures. Yan Ke remembered playing the piano in his room before. His father came to Yan Ke’s room. Yan Ke’s father told Yan Ke not to let himself down. He was going to attend the independent enrollment of the Conservatory of Music.

He was going to Beijing, but Yan Ke was shocked. , It was Sunday, and then Dad Yan went out to prepare Yan Ke, and he had already booked the ticket. Xiong Yifan was notified that he could apply for the Suhua University. The teacher asked Xiong Yifan to work hard. Xiong Yifan heard the teachers talking and said that Yan Ke was going to the Conservatory of Music and would not come back before the college entrance examination. Xiong Yifan remembered the appointment with Yan Ke that day. Later, when preparing for the exam, Xiong Yifan ran to the classroom with piano, and Yan Ke ran to the classroom with piano.

Both of them ran wildly, but they did not meet. Xiong Yifan went to the classroom with piano. I saw Xiong Yifan, because Xiong Yifan had already left before that, and the coach had urged Xiong Yifan. Yan Ke came to the piano classroom and didn’t see Xiong Yifan. He only saw the Yihetang that fell on the ground and went to the classroom to look for Xiong Yifan, but he did not find him. When I went to the playground, I did not see Xiong Yifan on the rooftop.

Dad Yan asked Yan Ke to choose a school. Yan Ke remembered that Xiong Yifan said that he wanted to enter Suhua University, so he planned to report to Suhua University. Xiong Yifan told Ding Ming that he and Yan Ke are not in the Cold War period. Yan Kelai When I went to Qi Xiaosong’s gym, I saw Xiong Yifan. Two of them came out of the gym. Xiong Yifan told Yan Ke that he still remembers Qi Xiaosong.

Yan Ke still remembers Xiong Yifan. He just changed his hairstyle and became more courageous. Xiong Yifan Mentioned what happened last night, Yan Ke pretended that nothing happened. Yan Ke returned to the dormitory and saw Song Hua finishing her haircut. He asked Song Hua if he could borrow his hairspray for a while. Xiong Yifan was also trying on the clothes to be worn tomorrow.

Both were very happy tonight. The next day, the two of them dressed up and went to train together. They went to train together. Yan Ke went up first and succeeded once, followed by Xiong Yifan. The coach has been teaching Xiong Yifan, but she has been making mistakes. Yan Ke helped, let Xiong Yifan get acquainted, and then Yan Ke came up to teach Xiong Yifan, and the two got close.

The two laughed after a certain distance. Xiong Yifan was boxing with Ding Ming and Qi Xiaosong. Qi Xiaosong said that it was exciting for them to practice in the suburbs! Then a few people continued to practice. The next day Xiong Yifan and Yan Ke went to practice the car. Yan Ke prepared a lot of snacks in the car, all for Xiong Yifan. Yan Ke was driving. Xiong Yifan fed Yan Ke snacks and wiped Yan Ke’s mouth. Xiong Yifan looked very embarrassed. Then two puppies rushed over, and the two of them avoided and ran into a tree. After a while, Xiong Yifan ran into the tree.

Get out of the car to see the puppies, they are not injured. Yan Ke wants to use a mobile phone, but the mobile phone has no signal. Ding Ming and Qi Xiaosong are in the gym. Ding Ming is very worried about Xiong Yifan and Yan Ke. Qi Xiaosong said that Yan Ke should be worried about, but Xiong Yifan’s strength will definitely not happen. After a while, Qi Xiaosong said that Xiong Yifan liked someone so persistent, and he was worse than Yan Ke, who could play the piano.

Then Ding Ming said that he was worse than playing the piano. Then Ding Ming planned to invite Qi Xiaosong to dinner, and the two of them went together. Yeah, Yan Ke and Xiong Yifan went to an old grandmother’s house. It was raining and the old grandmother roasted corn for the two of them. Then Yan Ke asked the old grandmother for directions, but the old grandmother didn’t understand. The old grandmother only said that there is one here. For the vacant room, they can live in the young couple. At night, the two of them lived in the vacant room of the grandmother, sharing the same bed, but the two ran out to catch fireflies.

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