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First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 3 Recap

In high school, Qi Xiaosong and Xiong Yifan were classmates. At that time, Xiong Yifan was the leader of the eighth class. After Xiong Yifan was a classmate, someone came to Xiong Yifan to compete with Xiong Yifan, so they went to a fruit tree with Xiong Yifan to see who had more fruit. In the end, Xiong Yifan shot down. A lot of fruit, but the other party said he is a female? With so much strength, Xiong Yifan became angry, and Qi Xiaosong came forward to let Xiong Yifan calm down.

I arrived in the third year of high school in an instant, and then Qi Xiaosong said, what should I do if I am not in a school in the future? Xiong Yifan made a move, and Qi Xiaosong said that he would set up a barbecue stall in his school in the future. Then Qi Xiaosong asked Ding every day, why didn’t he see her in love, so Ding Ming retorted it. After a while, everyone saw Yan Ke, Ding Ming said that this transfer student was pretty handsome. When everyone was changing clothes, Yan Ke was surrounded by a group of people.

Those classmates searched for Yan Ke’s schoolbag and turned over his stuff, so there was nothing. When they found out the love letter they wanted, they wanted to do something to Yan Ke, but Qi Xiaosong appeared, but this Qi Xiaosong was Xiong Yifan. Xiong Yifan gave the other party a kick and pulled Yan Ke to escape into a classroom.

In the room, Yan Ke saw a piano and pressed it a few times. Xiong Yifan was surprised that Yan Ke could play the piano. Then Yan Ke sat down and played a piece for Xiong Yifan. Xiong Yifan said it was a fairy level. After a while, Yan Ke gave Xiong Yifan a candy. Xiong Yifan asked Yan Ke why he didn’t go to a conservatory. Yan Ke said that music can’t be eaten as a meal. Then Yan Ke asked Xiong Yifan what he likes to do. Xiong Yifan said that he likes throwing javelins. , I want to take the Suhua University exam.

Xiong Yifan told Yan Ke that since his father didn’t let him play the piano at home, he could play it in the classroom. Xiong Yifan also said that if he could be here in the future, he would bring him the key someday. Then Yan Ke wanted to ask Xiong Yifan’s name, but Without saying anything, Xiong Yifan left. Yan Ke only saw the word Qi Xiaosong on the back of Xiong Yifan’s clothes. The next day Yan Ke saw Xiong Yifan playing on the playground, so he waited on the stairs, but did not see Xiong Yifan going upstairs. After a while, Xiong Yifan went upstairs to give Yan Ke the key. Yan Ke was in the dormitory with his university roommate. Yan Ke remembered what Xiong Yiyifan said back then.

Because he was a classmate, he thought of helping Yan Ke. The roommates were playing games. Xiong Yifan opened the piano classroom and saw Yan Ke was playing the piano. He was surprised. It was like a fairy playing music. After that, Xiong Yifan told Yan Ke that he was better than Liszt himself, Yan Ke asked Xiong Yifan had heard him play the piano, and Xiong Yifan said he had heard it. Later in the evening, Xiong Yifan was watching Liszt’s profile and learning about his famous history. The next day, Xiong Yifan went to school and bumped into the teacher and saw the birthday of the transfer student Yan Ke.

Xiong Yifan told Ding Mingming that he wanted to celebrate a birthday for a classmate, that is Yan Ke. Xiong Yifan said that he was a transfer student, so he did so. So the two people carefully arranged the birthday venue, Yan Yanke returned When I got home, I gave the paper book for the Conservatory of Music to my father. The father was very angry. Yan Ke’s mother sent a message to Yan Ke, saying that he had ordered a cake for Yan Ke. Remember to sign for it. Yan Ke saw that Xiong Yifan left a note for himself, so Yan Ke hurried to the birthday party, and found Xiong Yifan under the table.

Xiong Yifan was hiding under the table holding the cake, but Yan Ke really When he came, Xiong Yifan got out from under the table and asked Yan Ke to make a wish quickly. After 12 o’clock, he was not working. Yan Ke asked Xiong Yifan why he should treat himself so well, so he took off his scarf and put it on Xiong Yifan. He also asked if it was because he was a transfer student. Xiong Yifan thundered before he could say it. Xiong Yifan was afraid and threw himself into Yan Ke’s arms. Yan Ke was frightened and ran away. Xiong Yifan drank too much and kissed Yan Ke.

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