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First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 2 Recap

Yan Ke was awakened again. He always dreamed of the same person and didn’t know what to do. Yan Ke was playing the piano for a while. He felt that the piano is the most abstract art in the world, and each note represents a different meaning. The Academy of Culture and Sports won the first place. Xiong Yifan showed Yan Ke the pennant for the first place, and then practiced with everyone. Xiong Yifan hoped that everyone could cooperate, and Yan Ke also suggested playing it by himself, and then everyone sang a sentence. , And it started in a while.

Xiong Yifan called Yan Ke, but Yan Ke did not answer. After that, Yan Ke looked at the phone and knew that Xiong Yifan made the call. His classmates said that Xiong Yifan wanted them to try on clothes. Then Yan Ke did not eat, so he went to find Xiong Yifan is now, Xiong Yifan is practicing in front of the mirror. Yan Ke saw a mirror on the stage and went up to look for Xiong Yifan, but did not see Xiong Yifan. After a while, Xiong Yifan came out. He watched Xiong Yifan running towards him in men’s clothes, and after a while he threw himself into Yan Ke’s arms.

Ke thought of Qi Xiaosong, who threw himself in his arms in the same way back then, and then Yan Ke said that he had something to do and left first. The next day, everyone came to the rehearsal room and saw that their clothes were stained with paint. They asked who was in the rehearsal room yesterday. So Xiong Yifan said it was himself, so Xiong Yifan went to solve the problem by himself. After a while, some students said that it was yesterday. I didn’t close the window, so the clothes became like this. So the classmates said that they had wronged Xiong Yifan, so they sent a message to Xiong Yifan. Xiong Yifan was looking for the laundry owner at this time, and they all said that the clothes could not be washed.

The sun is big, Xiong Yifan has been running for more than a long time, but he has not found a store that can guarantee clean clothes. Xiong Yifan saw a little girl drinking a drink, so he wanted to go up and ask her for a sip, but the little sister wouldn’t give it, little girl I was still in a mood, and then Xiong Yifan said that he would not drink it, so Yan Ke came and handed Xiong Yifan an ice cream, and gave the little sister an ice cream, so Yan Ke thought of a way, that is, everyone casually put on clothes. Everyone was very happy with the colored paint.

In the evening, everyone performed on the stage. It was very successful. After the performance, Yan Ke looked at Xiong Yifan and felt very like Qi Xiaosong. Then Yan Ke discovered that the owner of the newly opened gym was Qi Xiaosong. He was very surprised. Ding Ming and Xiong Yifan came. Looking for Qi Xiaosong, Qi Xiaosong was very happy to see Ding Ming and Xiong Yifan, so the three of them made an appointment to play basketball together, and they went out together.

When they went out, Xiong Yifan said that he seemed to have seen Yan Ke, Ding Ming said, Xiong Yifan’s mind There was no one but Yan Ke inside, so everyone left and Yan Ke went to Qi Xiaosong’s gym. The clerk told Yan Ke that Qi Xiaosong had gone out and Yan Ke had left the gym. At this time, Qi Xiaosong was playing basketball with Xiong Yifan. Yan Ke came to the basketball court and did not see Qi Xiaosong. Then Yan Ke went to the bus stop and saw Qi Xiaosong and Xiong Yifan at the bus stop. It was raining the night Yan Ke and Xiong Yifan met. Xiong Yifan accidentally rushed into Yan Ke’s arms that night.

Then Xiong Yifan said that he didn’t mean it, and Yan Ke later arranged a dinner with Xiong Yifan. But Yan Ke ran away. Yan Ke was frightened at the time. A boy actually threw himself in his arms, and when he was bullied, Xiong Yifan was still in his early years. Xiong Yifan told the group of people who would trouble him in the future. , I went to the eighth class to find the boss of the eighth class. Yan Ke was surprised at that time. When Xiong Yifan came out for Yan Ke, the name written on his clothes was Qi Xiaosong, so Yan Ke always thought it was Qi Xiaosong who came out for him, and he didn’t know that the person who really came out for himself was Xiong Yifan.

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