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First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 1 Recap

Today is the first day Xiong Yifan enters and exits the university. She decides to confess to her first love, Yan Ke, who is playing the piano on the stage. Next, Xiong Yifan will speak on behalf of the freshmen, but she has not waited for Xiong Yifan to speak. , And then a flag fell off. Xiong Yifan took off his high heels and flew towards the pennant, but he did not expect to hit the button for reporting the fire, so the teacher brought a fire extinguisher and a sprinkler. Everyone was wet. .

Xiong Yifan was sprayed himself, and then the teacher said that Yan Ke was still injured, but Xiong Yifan said how could he have so much strength? It turns out that Xiong Yifan is a strangely powerful girl, and his first love is Yan Ke. Although in high school, She and Yan Ke have not met a few times, but finally entered the same university, Xiong Yifan wants to meet Yan Ke with a whole new look. When everyone came to the classroom, the teacher announced that the military training had been cancelled because of the venue. A fun sports meeting would be organized. I hope everyone can help and support each other, unite and love each other, and show the demeanor of young people. The teacher called Xiong Yifan and Yan Ke into the office and appointed Xiong Yifan and Yan Ke as the male and female monitors.

Then Yan Ke agreed and Xiong Yifan agreed. Xiong Yifan was very happy during the meal and told Ding Ming that he and Yan Ke had become the male and female squad leaders. Ding Ming asked Xiong Yifan if Yan Ke had recognized her. Xiong Yifan said he hadn’t. Ding Ming asked Xiong Yifan how many sports events to report, and then Yan Ke saw that Xiong Yifan had reported all the sports events. He was very surprised. In the classroom, Xiong Yifan was trying on clothes, and then told Xiong Yifan that he was going to submit the registration form. , Then walked for a while, the sports meeting began.

During the game, Yan Ke told Xiong Yifan to run, and then Xiong Yifan did what Yan Ke did, and finally won the game. The teacher told everyone that the School of Culture and Sports had won the first place, so he asked everyone to go back and rest quickly. The team competition tomorrow Keep going. Ding Ming came to Xiong Yifan and found out that Xiong Yifan had been in a cockfight all day. Then he said that such a good opportunity was not close to Yan Ke. He felt that Xiong Yi was not saved.

For a while, Xiong Yifan was moving boxes and he encountered him. Yan Ke, who was confessed, turned around and helped Xiong Yifan move the box, and the two left together. Later, Xiong Yifan said to Yan Ke, let’s set up a team competition, such as rope skipping. Then Yan Ke recalled the past and put down the box and walked away. Xiong Yifan said to Yan Ke, can you be with him? Together, because everyone is a male and female squad leader, so we form a team together.

After preparing for the tug-of-war competition, Ding Mingming told Xiong Yifan that in order to attract the attention of boys, he had to show his feminine charm. Then Xiong Yifan flicked his hair. At this time, Yan Ke turned around and looked at her strangely. The game started in a while. Next is the running competition. Xiong Yifan and Yan Ke are in a group. Xiong Yifan is very happy, wondering if they have to run hand in hand? Then Yan Ke ran with his arms around Xiong Yifan’s shoulders, but halfway through the run, the two fell down, so Xiong Yifan carried Yan Ke on his shoulders and ran, and finally won.

When Xiong Yifan carried Yan Ke for a run, Yan Ke’s candy box dropped. After running, Yan Ke was looking for the candy box, but he couldn’t find it. So Xiong Yifan went to the trash can to help Yan Ke look for it. Later, Xiong Yifan took the candy box. Give it to Yan Ke. Xiong Yifan said to Yan Ke, where did he find it, Xiong Yifan stumbled, and then Yan Ke said if he went to the trash can and turned it out, Xiong Yifan said he had washed it clean, and a basket of basketballs was about to hit Yan Ke. But being blocked by Xiong Yifan, Yan Ke seemed to see Qi Xiaosong. Later, Yan Ke asked Xiong Yifan if he had any older brother or younger brother in his family. Then Xiong Yifan said that his family was a three-generation single pass. It turned out that Qi Xiaosong was a friend of Yan Ke in high school.

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