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Dating in the Kitchen (2020) 我, 喜欢你

Dating in the Kitchen (2020)
Other Title: 我, 喜欢你, Xi Huan Ni , Like You , This Is Not What I Expected , Wo Xi Huan Ni , 喜欢你 , I Like You , 终于等到你 , Finally Wait for You , 我喜欢你

Genres: drama, Food, Comedy, Romance
Chen Chang
Zhao Xiao Lei
Tencent Video
Release Date: 
Sep 15, 2020 – Sep 29, 2020
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Adapted from the novel “I Finally Get You” by author Lan Bai Se


  • Zhao Lu Si as Gu Shengnan
  • Fan Yu Jie as Gu Shengnan (young)
  • Lin Yu Shen as Lu Jin
  • Zhang Xiao Qian as Meng Xinjie
  • Fu Jia as Cheng Ziqian
  • Yu Xin He as Xu Shaodi
  • Wu Ya Heng as Gao Quan’an
  • Li Qian as Li Man
  • Yu Xiang as Lu Zheng
  • Gao Guang Ze as Da La Ba
  • Lu Yi Long as Gu Baoguo
  • Wang Shuo as Lu Mingting
  • Xiu Jing Shuang as Zheng Hong
  • Yang Ping as Lin Lijun
  • Zhou Pu as Manager Shen
  • Zhang Zhen Lei as Chef Wang
  • Dan Si Han as Chef Liu
  • Wang Zi Xuan as Chef Yu
  • Wang Cheng as Chef Zhang

Working at the Zijing Hotel, Gu Sheng Nan was an underestimated commis inside the kitchen but she was free to express herself through her food, as she sharpened her skills as a chef to make matters worse, an unfortunate misunderstanding lands her on the wrong side of her soon-to-be boss, the sharp-tongued CEO, Lu Jin.

As a business prodigy, Lu Jin isn’t afraid to make the tough decisions. Ready to condemn the Zijing Hotel, Lu Jin changes his mind after a happy accident brings one of Sheng Nan’s dishes his way. A hardcore foodie, Lu Jin is impressed with Sheng Nan’s skill as a chef and readily recognizes her talent. Sharing a love of food, this unlikely pair begins to form an unexpected bond that leads them to a place neither of them ever expected to be.

Gu Shengnan is the assistant chef of the Bauhinia Hotel, and he maintains a secret underground relationship with the restaurant chef Zhong Rui of the same hotel. Gu Shengnan, who devoted his heart and soul to affection, was “chewed” by his boyfriend. Gu Shengnan was frustrated in love and suffered a serious setback in his career. He faces the danger of losing his job because the hotel where he has worked for many years is about to be acquired. Gu Shengnan made the mistake of drawing the car of Lu Jin, a commercial prodigy who came to buy the hotel for his friend, and the two formed Liangzi.

For the hotel that was already in danger, Lu Jin was sentenced to death. However, an accident in the kitchen made Lu Jin, who “takes food as his heaven”, was impressed by Gu Shengnan’s cooking skills. Gu Shengnan conquered Lu Jin’s heart and stomach by turning his “enemy” into food. Lu Jin also constantly inspires Gu Shengnan’s talent in cooking. The two gradually wiped out the spark of love from “meeting friends through food” and became better each other.

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