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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 25 Recap

Xu Jiaxiu took the house and gave it to the person from the loan company. Then Xu Jiaxiu asked how much money could he borrow for the house? People at the loan company said that they could borrow about 500,000 yuan. Xu Jiaxiu said that the price was much lower than what he had imagined. So Xu Jiaxiu told them that they would go back and reassess. Xu Jiaxiu brought food to everyone and went to Lu Jia ‘s office. Lu Jia said that he only made one thousand and six. Then Xu Jia thought it would be fine if he didn’t pay. Xu Jiaxiu and the boss were talking about investment, but the boss said that he didn’t want to invest in this project.

Lu Jia was watching the rise and fall of stocks at this time, but today’s fall in the stock market made Lu Jia very frustrated. Lu Jia told Xu Jiaxiu that he lost a thousand and sixteen today. Xu Jiaxiu said that they had earned more than 400 inside and outside. Tian Lujia came to the company and continued to trade in stocks. After that, Lu Jia told Xu Jiaxiu and Ye Angjun that he made 68,000 today, and after that, he would earn 88,000 and 160,000, so he went into the office. Ye Angyu said that it would be difficult for them to increase their downloads by 5 million within a week. Xu Jiaxiu said it was okay. Let Ye Angyu not worry. Lin Jiaojiao called Xu Jiaxiu and said that Lu Jia had fainted.

The individual rushed back. Lu Jia woke up and told Xu Jiaxiu that his stocks did not meet expectations and only made more than 360,000. Then Xu Jiaxiu said that it was already very good, and said that Fan’s total investment of them was 3 million. Lin Jiaojiao was surprised. Xu Jiaxiu said that Lu Jia was earning now. Money just made up for the gap, and then Mr. Fan came to the company, hoping that Xu Jiaxiu and the others could reach 20 million downloads, but Ye Angjun said that if they are also busy updating during this time, then their The number of downloads exceeded 20 million, and then Xu Jiaxiu said that he knew.

After a while, everyone saw that the fleeting years invited celebrities to do publicity, and the number of downloads increased again. Lin Jiaojiao and the others found that the fleeting publicity was exactly the same as their own company’s. Then Zhou Yunbo said that they might have missed it. Xu Jiaxiu said that it must be updated in time. . Manager Chen told Mr. Yu that the main stock of time was Lin Jiaojiao, and planned to dig Lin Jiaojiao over.

The next day, everyone found that Zhou Yunbo had run away from home. Zhou Yunbo left a note for everyone. I went to find him in his house, but I didn’t see anyone. The more Xu Jiaxiu looked for him at this time, the less he could come out. Xu Jiaxiu asked Lin Jiaojiao to analyze the current situation. Lin Jiaojiao said that although they have misappropriated their ideas in passing years, they have only changed the original basis, and the quality of them has not been as good as time. So good, but time has to be re-planned.

President Yu called Lin Jiaojiao and said that she had hit her electric car and asked her to get off quickly. Lin Jiaojiao got off the company, but saw that her electric car was not hit, so she walked over and wanted to dig. Lin Jiaojiao went to her company, but Lin Jiaojiao said that she only cooperates with like-minded people. As for plagiarizing other people’s projects, she can’t learn it by herself. Mr. Yu said that Lin Jiaojiao’s idea is because of it. He will think so when he is young. Mr. Yu said that now he is following Xu Jiaxiu, which is equivalent to betting his future on a dead end. With such fierce competition, he will definitely fail, but people like Xu Jiaxiu are a big deal. Start all over again, but Lin Jiaojiao can’t.

But Lin Jiaojiao said that if Mr. Yu really felt that it was impossible to pick up the light, he would not come to her. Although Mr. Yu’s boat was very large, he did not want to go. Mr. Yu was very angry when he returned to the company. Lin Jiaojiao ran into Ye Angjun riding a small eDonkey, and was about to carry Ye Angjun, but her brake broke and hit the railing and hurt her hand. When she returned to the company, everyone cared about Ye Angjun. It was said that Lin Jiaojiao’s little eDonkey would be confiscated, but Lin Jiaojiao would not give it. Then everyone said that the relationship between Ye Angjiao and Lin Jiaojiao was very delicate today. Lin Jiaojiao’s hand was injured, and Shao Yifeng came to help write the code.

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