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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 24 Recap

Everyone was working overtime in the company. After a while everyone slept on the floor. Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu also lay down. After Xu Jiaxiu lay down, Lu Jia got up, but Xu Jiaxiu caught Lu Jia, and then the two continued to work. Jia was writing the copy, Xu Jiaxiu accompanied Lu Jia, and Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu to go to bed, but Xu Jiaxiu did not. In the morning everyone found that Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxian were sleeping in the office. Everyone knew that they had stayed up late at night. At this time, Zhou Yunbo hadn’t gotten up, so everyone asked Zhou Yunbo to come out quickly.

Zhou Yunbo and Xiaoda were walking on the street, so they saw that the fleeting year was engaged in activities, and scanned the QR code to have a chance to get a ten-day tour of Europe. Later, Zhou Yunbo couldn’t see it, so he took Xiaoda to the spot of fleeting year. The business card was then seen by Manager Chen and called to stop them, and the two of them left. My best friend and Zhong Jin were looking at the copywriting of Shiguang. My best friend said this was definitely not something Xu Jiaxiu could write. Dad Lu saw it. Dad Lu said that the story is good, but the high school love is not good.

Song Zong also saw this story. They always voted 10 million for Mr. Yu, but now there is only 2 million of traffic, but after picking up 200,000, the traffic they bring to themselves is far more than that of fleeting years, and then Mr. Yu is very angry, Mr. Yu confronts Chen The manager was furious. Manager Chen said that there is still a month left, and Voya is almost out of money and can’t make it anymore. Moreover, Voya has no money now. After the contract is terminated, he is now slapped to fill the fat man. The strength will collapse soon, and money can be used to quickly occupy the market, and it will not exist after all.

The next day, everyone looked at the number of downloads in the fleeting year. The downloads were getting higher and higher. Then Lin Jiaojiao said that Lu Jia’s copywriting was good, but the number of downloads in the fleeting year was even higher. Zhou Yunbo said, because the fleeting years spent a lot of money. , Xu Jiaxiu said, because of the top-secret defection before, but now we must also muster the courage to make a comeback and we should fight back. Now users can choose to pick up the light or choose the fleeting year. What we have to do now is to make irreplaceable products.

Everyone thinks we should cheer. Lu Jia suggested to Xu Jiaxiu that the amount of traffic picked up is now up, but everyone has been busy for so long, should it be time to rest? Let them take a few days off, and then Xu Jiaxiu said, yes. Zhou Yunbo got up in the morning and knocked on the gong to make everyone get up quickly. Everyone was very angry and threw Zhou Yunbo with pillows. Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu talked about picking up the update. Zhou Yunbo brought breakfast to everyone and brought a pie, and then Zhou Yunbo let everyone share it, because there was no money, so Dige gave everyone the pie.

Lu Jia told everyone that Xu Jiaxiu could give everyone a day off. After that, except for Lin Jiaojiao, everyone wanted to pack up and leave. Lin Jiaojiao gave everyone a look, and everyone said that Boss Xu was so kind to them and couldn’t leave. Then Lu Jia persuaded everyone to rest, but everyone insisted on staying, so Lu Jia said to buy food for everyone. After a while Shao Yifeng came, Lin Jiaojiao asked Shao Yifeng to go and play, and Ye Angtong let Shao Yifeng stay. As soon as Shao Yifeng came to make trouble again, everyone pushed Shao Yifeng to the door.

Zhou Yunbo applied for a part-time job, soliciting clients and negotiating investment, and then Xu Jiaxiu agreed. However, when Zhou Yunbo and a boss were discussing business, Manager Chen said that Woya’s small front desk had come out to attract clients, and then the boss who was originally interested in negotiating also After leaving, Lu Jia took a loan from the bank, but did not meet the conditions. Xu Jiaxiu returned to the company and met Lu Jia. Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu about the investor’s affairs. Xu Jiaxiu said that he would return to the company. Xu Jiaxiu said that he would use his house and car as collateral, but Lu Jia said that there is still another way, that is, Lu Jia’s own stock trading. Then Xu Jiaxiu said that stock trading is indeed a way, but the risk is too great, but in the end Xu Jiaxiu I still agreed.

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