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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 23 Recap

Mr. Song was being interviewed by the media, and then the reporter asked, what is the story behind the change of Qianmo to fleeting years? Later, Mr. Song said that he had had a very beautiful relationship, but this relationship has now disappeared. Then everyone was very dissatisfied when they saw Mr. Song’s video. So Ye Angjun came to the company and told everyone that he had optimized the light pickup. Lin Jiaojiao came to Ye Angjun and told him that she was really willing to delete those animations. Then Ye Angjun said that there was no way, but he designed a hidden level, so Ye Angjun showed it to Lin Jiaojiao.

Manager Chen received a call from his subordinates. The subordinates were talking about Woya’s order, and then Manager Chen asked Xiao Guo to deal with it. Woya’s small order could be sent casually, and then the top-secret manager Chen said that he only took large orders. Then Yu always felt that Top Secret had a lot of appetite, and Top Secret did not accept Xu Jiaxiu ‘s contract modification plan. Ye Angqi said that this was forcing them to terminate the agreement and pay liquidated damages. Then Xu Jiaxiu said that he would come up with a second plan. After a while, Xu Jiaxiu was in a meeting with everyone. Lu Jia said that he had calculated the company’s account, and the money on it was only enough for one month’s expenses.

Ye Angjun said that he could save money, so he suggested that the limited capital should be compared After a good channel, everyone agreed, so Xu Jiaxiu came to assign the work, Ye Angji was in charge of the graphic design, and Lin Jiaojiao was assigned to the graphic design. Then Zhou Yunbo dealt with the follow-up of the termination of the contract. Lu Jia showed Xu Jiaxiu the wording of the propaganda company. Xu Jiaxiu was not satisfied because the copy was written like a blind date. Then Xu Jiaxiu said that Lu Jia’s literary talent was very good, so Lu Jia went to take charge of the copywriting. On the phone, my girlfriend asked Lu Jia why she didn’t come to the hot pot restaurant recently. Lu Jia said that she was very busy recently, so she hung up. The girlfriend was very angry because Lu Jia hung up her phone.

Ye Angyu is ordering takeout for everyone, but the fleeting propaganda has been appearing on the webpage, and then Ye Angyu is very angry, there are fleeting propaganda everywhere, and Zhou Yunbo feels that fleeting propaganda has spent a lot of money to do promotion. Ye Angyu reminded Lin Jiaojiao to find herself. Then Lin Jiaojiao got up and left. Ye Angyu made instant noodles for Lin Jiaojiao.

Ye Angyu said that this was the last bucket of instant noodles in the company. Jiaojiao said, what about you, Ye Angtong said that she was not hungry, and then Lin Jiaojiao ate, and the remaining four people outside the office were watching outside, and then rushed in, but she was stopped by Ye Angtong. , Lin Jiaojiao was eating instant noodles, and then asked everyone to stop arguing, and divided the instant noodles out, everyone wanted to eat. Lin Jiaojiao ate instant noodles at the place where Ye Anggu ate instant noodles, and then Ye Anggu thought whether this counts as an indirect kiss.

When the instant noodles reached Zhou Yunbo, the instant noodles had been eaten. Everyone came to Lu Jia and saw that Lu Jia was eating apples, and then asked Lu Jia if she had anything to eat. Lu Jia said that she had no more, and Ye Ye Angtong planned to buy some food, but everyone smelled the fragrance. Lu Jia said it was the hot pot taste, and at the same time he smelled it wrong for Lu Jia. Lu Jia said no, so she followed the taste. It turned out that it was her girlfriend who brought the hot pot to the front of the company, so everyone went out to eat hot pot.

Lu Jia thought of interesting copywriting while eating hot pot, and then ran back to the office to write it down. After finishing writing, Lu Jia was very happy. Ye Angyu wanted to sandwich something to eat, but everyone made trouble. Everyone said that Ye Angyu ate alone. Then Lin Jiaojiao said, when did he eat alone, isn’t instant noodles divided? Lin Jiaojiao asked everyone to stop bullying Ye Angjin. Xu Jiaxiu brought the hot food to Lu Jia. Lu Jia said that he didn’t want to eat it now, and continued to write the copy. Xu Jiaxiu said that Lu Jia must eat, and then Xu Jiaxiu fed Lu Jia to eat.

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