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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 22 Recap

Lu Jia intends to tell Xu Jiaxiu about the process of getting acquainted with Mr. Song before. Lu Lujia said that he and Song always met through an umbrella. At that time, he was still an intern at a company in Yamamoto, and he had to prepare for the CPA exam. Review downstairs in the office.

It was raining that day, so Mr. Song came over to borrow an umbrella from him and wrote his phone number in his book. So Mr. Song came to his company for a meeting. Mr. Song recognized Lu Jia, and then Lu Jia asked Zhu Yali , Who is Song Junxi? Zhu Yali said that he was the supervisor of Sictech. Zhu Yali also told Lu Jia that Song was always the nephew of Sictech’s founder, and he was still a potential stock, and he was married at an early age. A few days later, Mr. Song and Lu Jia met again. Because it was raining, Lu Jia didn’t bring an umbrella. So Mr. Song lent the umbrella to Lu Jia. Lu Jia asked Mr. Song how to return the umbrella to him.

Then Mr. Song handed the phone to him. Give Lu Jia, let Lu Jia leave her name and phone number. Finally, Lu Jia went to KTV to sing with Mr. Yamamoto and Zhu Yali, but Lu Jia sang out of tune. At this moment, the thoughtful Mr. Song eavesdropped outside the door, and Mr. Yamamoto saw it. President Song was interested in Lu Jia, so he kept drinking Lu Jia until Lu Jia got drunk. As a result, Mr. Yamamoto sent Lu Jia to the room of President Song, Lu Jia woke up, and President Song came out to take a bath, so Lu Jia resigned on the spot. Xu Jiaxiu understood the cause and effect of the matter, kissed Lu Jia, and then sent Lu Jia back.

There was a problem with Shiguang’s server. Because there was no money and no one invested in Shiguang, Woya was now very difficult, and no customers came to the company. Lu Jia gave Xu Jiaxiu the newly prepared financial statements and told Xu Jiaxiu that there is no Investment. Therefore, we have made a plan to save expenses based on the company’s situation, otherwise the salary for this month will not be paid out, and we must reduce publicity. Song Junxi switched to Qianmo the next day, and Shao Yifeng came to the company. Everyone was reading the former teacher Sam’s article. Then he told everyone that Sam’s article mentioned the problem of picking up light.

I hope you can take a good look. Everyone He retorted Shao Yifeng, and then Xu Jiaxiu came out, Xu Jiaxiu asked Shao Yifeng to continue talking, but after a while Shao Yifeng left, Dige sent the article to Xu Jiaxiu. Xu Jiaxiu asked Manager Chen to come over to talk about the matter. Later, Manager Chen found out that the contract stated 90% of the expenses. Manager Chen felt that their company would save money too much. Then Manager Chen received a call. Manager Chen did not sign the contract and left after a while. . Lu Jia called Xu Jiaxiu and asked how things were going on. Xu Jiaxiu said that the talk was not going well.

At this time, Ye Angjin was thinking about how to optimize the light collection at the company, and Lin Jiaojiao also came. Lin Jiaojiao realized that Ye Angjin was drinking too much, so she asked Ye Angjin to play a game together, and then played a round, and then pulled Ye When Ang Gyo got up, Lin Jiaojiao told Ye Ang Gyo that it didn’t need to be too real to design this kind of thing, and it was Ye Ang Gyo who actively asked to improve the user experience value, so it was like this. I hope Ye Ang Gyo can look forward to the next surprise. Jiaojiao and Ye Angji are playing games. Lin Jiaojiao inspired Ye Angji. The next day, Manager Chen was making Song Junxi’s plan for the terraces, and said to Manager Chen that they thought the name of terraces was not very good.

What advice, Song Junxi said that the passing of the year is not appropriate, so he asked the project leader that the passing of the year was not appropriate, the person in charge felt it was good, so everyone agreed, but Song Junxi was not happy, but Song Junxi saw that everyone agreed, so he let it The person in charge quickly changed his name. The person in charge told Manager Chen that the name must be changed, and Manager Chen could not help it. Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu saw in the car that the lighted up poster was taken down and replaced with a fleeting poster. The time poster was still stepped on the ground. The two of them were very uncomfortable. Then they drove away. Up.

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