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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 21 Recap

Lu Jia did not blame Song Jia. Lu Jia said that he would also like to thank Mr. Yamamoto, otherwise he would not meet Xu Jiaxiu now. Mr. Song said that he had read the information he sent to Lu Jia. Lu Jia said that was a long time ago. , Those messages will not be returned, and then Lu Jia left. It was raining outside. Lu Jia did not bring an umbrella. Then Song always went out to find Lu Jia with an umbrella. Xu Jiaxiu happened to appear at the restaurant entrance and was coming to meet him. Ga.

Xu Jiaxiu picks up Lu Jia. Lu Jia wants to tell Xu Jiaxiu about Song Song’s preference. If Xu Jiaxiu knows, then he will definitely give up the investment. Then the company will face huge debts. Then Xu Jiaxiu When he got in the car, Lu Jia told Xu Jiaxiu that he just wanted to make certain things with Mr. Song. He had nothing to do with Mr. Song. Then Xu Jiaxiu told Lu Jia to stop talking, and the two of them drove away.

At this time, Lin Jiaojiao Playing games with Ye Angtong and Shao Yifeng, Ye Angtong was killed at this time. When Lu Jia returned to the dormitory, everyone knew that Lu Jia was not in a good mood. Then Xu Jiaxiu knocked on the door and put a cold medicine on the door of the room by the way and put it on Lu Jia. Lin Jiaojiao took it to Lu Jia. Lin Jiaojiao said that Boss Xu still loves Lu Jia, let them reconcile quickly, and then Lu Jia wiped away the tears.

Xu Jiaxiu and Mr. Song have arranged to eat together. Xu Jiaxiu said to Mr. Song, stop doing unnecessary things? Don’t please the company for Lu Jia. Lu Jia is his own no matter whether it is the past, present or the future. Mr. Song said that he has only done one regretful thing so far, and that is to leave Beijing. Xu Jia said that his development time is for Lu Lu Jia, no matter where she goes, she will find Lu Jia. Mr. Song told Xu Jiaxiu that the jury asked her own opinion during the voting decisive meeting, so she finally voted for Shi Guang.

The next day, Lu Jia was receiving water, but she was in a daze, and the water was full. Then Xu Jiaxiu came to Lu Jia and said to Lu Jia that she was in a bad mood? Later, Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu if he was still angry. Xu Jiaxiu said no. Mr. Song told Lu Jia that Xu Jiaxiu wanted to terminate the cooperation, so Lu Jia was very angry. Lu Jia went to Xu Jiaxiu and said to Xu Jiaxiu, don’t be so impulsive. If you stop the cooperation, The loss to be compensated is very huge, and time is all the hard work and effort of everyone, but Xu Jiaxiu said, but he cared more about Lu Jia, and asked Lu Jia if he had gone to Mr. Song. Then Lu Jia was very angry, so He walked out of the company.

Ye Angyu received a call saying that Xu Jiaxiu had terminated the agreement with Sictel. Everyone was surprised. Then, Ye Angyu asked Xu Jiaxiu if he really terminated the agreement. Xu Jiaxiu said that he would give everyone an explanation in a moment. Lu Jia was taking the bus home. At this time, he was harassed, so he fought on the bus and was interviewed later. This video was posted on the Internet and Dad Lu saw it. Dad Lu supported Lu Jia very much. Xu Jiaxiu also saw it, and immediately called Lu Jia, but no one answered the call, Xu Jiaxiu was very anxious.

When Lu Jia came home, his father saw that Lu Jiajia was unhappy, so he wondered if he had quarreled with Xu Jiaxiu. Lu Jia went back to the room. Lu Jia was looking for what he had sent back from Beijing before and turned on the phone, so he saw it. Mr. Song has sent a lot of news, and Mr. Song has never been able to contact Lu Jia. Mr. Song said in his voice that Mr. Yamamoto did not know about Lu Jia’s room card. After returning to Beijing, he already knew about her resignation. Later Mr. Song also confessed to Lu Jia and said that he had already known Lu Jia. After the divorce, Lu Jia was very annoyed and went to the playground to run. After a while, Xu Jiaxiu came to find Lu Jia. Dad Lu saw it, so he went home alone, leaving Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu behind.

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