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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 20 Recap

Xu Jiaxiu came home and found that Lu Jia had fallen asleep on the sofa. Lu Jia woke up after a while. Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu if he had a drink. Xu Jiaxiu said that he had a drink. After all, the boss came to talk about business. Then Xu Jiaxiu fell on the sofa. Lu Jia leaned in Xu Jiaxiu’s arms.

In the evening, Xu Jiaxiu took Lu Jiajia to dinner with Mr. Song. Zhu Yali said that she and Lu Jia were college classmates. Xu Jiaxiu said that she and Lu Jia were high school classmates. Then Zhu Yali blessed Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu with affection and love. Then Xu Jiaxiu said, Song The love between Mrs. Song and Mrs. Song is Zhulianbi, and Mrs. Song later said that he was divorced. In the room, Lu Jia and Zhu Yali were chatting. The two of them missed the sharing when they first worked and worked hard together.

Then Zhu Yali asked Lu Jia if he had anything to do with Song Zong. Lu Jia said that he and Song Zong were only related to work. Zhu Yali was relieved. The next day, Lu Jia came to the company. Everyone said that the people from Sixinte had finally left. They had been busy these days and had to line up to go to the toilet. Then Lu Jia returned to the office. Ye Angjin said he did what Party B did. After a long time, I finally returned to Party A. Xu Jiaxiu and Ye Angjun were looking at the company they were cooperating with. Then Ye Angjun asked the company’s person in charge to meet, and then discussed with Xu Jiaxiu. Everyone was tired because there were too many customers to see.

Ye Angjun called everyone to Xu Jiaxiu’s office and told everyone that there is a company that wants to cooperate with Woya. Everyone was very happy. As for what company it was, but Ye Yang said it was top secret, so everyone went out. Then Zhou Yunbo asked what company it was. Everyone said they didn’t know, but Zhou Yunbo didn’t believe that Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu stayed together at night, Lu Jia was playing on the phone, Xu Jiaxiu was at work, Xu Jiaxiu did not forget to give Lu Jia snacks from time to time, and sometimes watched new projects. Pick up the report. Lu Jia said to Xu Jiaxiu, why didn’t you introduce the founder? Then Xu Jiaxiu said that this is a financial program, not a lace news. Lu Jia went to the supermarket to buy sanitary napkins. Xu Jiaxiu saw Lu Jia’s words on the book, took photos of these words, and re-covered the book. At this time, Lu Jia happened to be back in the car.

Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia when he took the CPA test. Lu Jia said that she had taken the exam when she was a senior, and then asked Xu Jiaxiu to rush over. Handed Lin Jiaojiao snacks, and also gave her own accounting information to a colleague. Xu Jiaxiu returned to the office and took out the documents signed by Mr. Song. The handwriting was the same. The next day, the boss of the company with the intention of cooperation came to Xu Jiaxiu’s company. The two parties signed a contract. Zhou Yunbo sent the boss out and praised the boss. After the boss left, the company name Zhou Yunbo mentioned turned out to be top secret. Absolutely, Ye Angjin was in the office at this time, and there were Lin Jiaojiao and Shao Yifeng in the office.

Ye Angtong gave Shao Yifeng a snack with mustard. Shao Yifeng was too spicy, and then he went to find water to drink. At this time, he happened to run into Lu Jia. Shao Yifeng told Lu Jia that even though he had defeated the Qianmo, in fact, The number of users and activity of Qianmo is still up to the time. I still feel that Qianmo is better. Lu Jia felt uncomfortable after hearing this, so she went back to the office and remembered what Zhu Yali said. Zhu Yali once said, pick up this. Defeating Qianmo this time was a narrow victory, and then Lu Jia felt that it was really Song Zong who released the water.

Lu Jia told Xu Jiaxiu that he was going out, and then left. Lu Jia came to the restaurant to see Mr. Song. Lu Jia asked Song Junxi whether the investment this time was because of him. Mr. Song asked Lu Jia if he really wanted to know. Lu Jia said, as if she already knew it, Song said that Lu Jia asked herself that she could not lie in front of her. At the last moment, she was biased towards picking up light, but she hoped that Voya could be better. Lu Jia said she didn’t want this. Win, but Mr. Song said that if he said to come again, he would still choose to pick it up, and then Mr. Song apologized to Lu Jia for what happened to Mr. Yamamoto a few years ago.

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