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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 18 Recap

Lu Jia was the family cook, this time Xu Jia repair was going to the supermarket to buy drinks, while an old man stopped Hsu repair, let Hsu repair help themselves to see which box of chocolates without alcohol, then, Hsu repair grandfather to pick up a box More appropriate, so I went to buy orange juice and Sprite. Xu Jiaxiu came downstairs with orange juice and Sprite, thinking that Lu Jia definitely hadn’t cooked food, so he ran a few laps. The uncle on the road asked, about running, Xu Jiaxiu said yes, with a drink for weight training, and then Xu Jiaxiu continued to run, Xu Jiaxiu returned home for a while, but Lu Jia did not let Xu Jiaxiu into the house, Lu Jia said he had not done it yet. Then Xu Jiaxiu said that no matter what she did, she would eat it herself, and then the two of them ate together.

Xu Jiaxiu brought Lu Jia to see President Song. For a while, Xu Jiaxiu and Song Junxi were playing golf. Lu Jia was eating. It turned out that Song and Lu Jia knew each other. Song said Xu Jiaxiu was very good, and Lu Jia became his girlfriend. I hope to eliminate the previous misunderstandings and unhappiness. Lu Jia said that the previous misunderstandings and unhappiness had disappeared long before he left Beijing. Xu Jiaxiu came to find Lu Jia. Lu Jia told Xu Jiaxiu that he wanted to play and asked him to teach him to play. Xu Jiaxiu promised that Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu would be in the car for a while. Xu Jiaxiu told Lu Jia that when he was working in Beijing, he had always had a relationship with Song. Some contacts, Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia, what’s your impression of Song? Lu Jia said it was OK.

After that, Xu Jiaxiu and Lu Jiajia went to dinner together. They met Lu Jia and Aunt Jiang. In the evening, Xu Jiaxiu sent Lu Jia home. Lu Jia fell asleep in the car. Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia what happened? Lu Jia said that when she dreamed of childhood things, her mother always took care of herself before, but since her mother left, no one cares about herself anymore, no one cares about eating, and no one helps herself to dirty clothes. Things have been washed away. In the past, my father said that he could find a good mother for himself, a mother who could wash clothes and cook, but Lu Jia didn’t want a new mother.

Even if she didn’t have a new mother, she could take good care of herself, but Lu Jia Said that I later understood that I did not want to have a new mother in the growth of the child, but I did not understand the sadness of his father. Then Xu Jiaxiu said that he could understand Dad Lu very much, and said that he would protect Lu Jia well in the future. The new project went online, that is, picking up the line. Everyone was very excited and nervous in front of the computer. Then everyone watched the amount of data downloaded by the user was very amazing, and even sweetie was downloading their software.

Xu Jiaxiu believes that although the number of downloads of Shiguang is good, it still needs to find investors. Ye Angqi said that Sixinte is the best choice. Later, Zhou Yunbo also thinks that because Sixinte can choose, after all, it is the industry leader. Moreover, Xu Jiaxiu was very confident in Shiguang, and if he wanted to increase investment, he had to do his best. Then Ye Angji thought so, so he began to prepare for the project. Shao Yifeng came to Lin Jiaojiao. Shao Yifeng said that their new project had a bad point and could not be operated with one hand. Lin Jiaojiao felt that Shao Yifeng’s idea was a bit problematic. If you don’t use two hands, how can you do it with one hand? So Yifeng Shao found Lin Jiaojiao for an app that was operated with one hand. Lin Jiaojiao told Shao Yifeng that he had inspired him, so she asked a colleague to talk about the first update of Shiguang.

Lu Jia told Dad Lu that if he was with Aunt Jiang, he agreed with both hands and feet. In fact, he used to be ignorant when he was a child, but now he understands it. Later, Dad Lu said that Aunt Jiang also has a child. , Then Lu Jia said it was simple, so he called Aunt Jiang and said to Aunt Jiang, if you mind having another daughter, then Aunt Jiang laughed and understood what it meant. Father Lu was also very happy, Aunt Jiang was very happy , Father Lu asked Aunt Jiang to come home for dinner at night, Aunt Jiang agreed.

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