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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 17 Recap

Lu Jia came to Xu Jiaxiu’s office and said to Xu Jiaxiu, did he really plan to let Ye Angjin leave the company like this? Then, Xu Jiaxiu said that he was really reluctant to bear him? Lu Jia said that he was not reluctant to part with him, but rather the entire company. Moreover, Ye Angjin was so good at designing. Xu Jiaxiu said that he could design more than him. Then Lu Jia said that he is still Xu Jiaxiu’s good brother.

At this time Lin Jiaojiao was drinking coffee, and then the coffee rang. So Xiaoge sent a message to Xiaoge Coffee, saying that he was his childhood friend. When he was angry, he took a bite on his arm when he was angry. Lu Jia and Lin Jiaojiao I was eating and saw that my little brother hadn’t responded yet, first love said that he wanted to see him, very happy. When he went to work the next day, Xu Jiaxiu told everyone that Ward Technology Company had been formally acquired by Woya Technology Company.

From now on, the entire office building will be an office area. After that, everyone was very happy. Xu Jiaxiu also introduced the new member Zhou Yunbo in the future. Zhou Yunbo asked everyone to call himself Bobo, so Ye Angqi also came to the company for a while, and Ye Angqi said that he would not quit the company. Everyone was very happy, so everyone went to the front desk on the first floor.

Xu Jiaxiu said that Zhou Yunbo will be one in the future. At the front desk of the building, Lu Jia was very happy after knowing that Ye Angji was staying. Lin Jiaojiao was chatting with her first love, very nervous, everyone looked at Lin Jiaojiao and wanted to see what she was doing, but Lin Jiaojiao didn’t tell everyone, and then Shao Yifeng came to the company. Shao Yifeng was Lin Jiaojiao’s first love when she was a child. , When Shao Yifeng came in, everyone laughed. Lin Jiaojiao was very shy. Lin Jiaojiao looked at Brother Coffee and Shao Yifeng. Brother Coffee said that this is a new product in her store and brought it to Lin Jiaojiao. Lin Jiaojiao said that it was not enough, and the coffee brother left after a while.

Lin Jiaojiao took Shao Feng out to eat. Shao Yifeng said that he should leave as soon as he finished eating, but Shao Yifeng said he would not show him a tour of their company? Then Lin Jiaojiao promised Lin Jiaojiao that he looked so good when he was a child. Why did he become like this when he grew up? Shao Yifeng said that years are a pig-killing knife. Lin Jiaojiao took Shao Yifeng to visit the company, and then introduced everyone’s positions, and then ran into Ye Angyu, so Ye Angyu went to dinner with Lin Jiaojiao and Shao Yifeng. Shao Yifeng talked about the story with Lin Jiaojiao when she was a child. Shao Yifeng said that when she was in kindergarten before, her mother didn’t come to accompany herself, so there was a little girl to scare herself, saying that her mother would never come to see herself again.

Then Lin Jiaojiao ran over. Shao Yifeng also said that there were a lot of things when she was a child. Then Lin Jiaojiao let Shao Yifeng come to the company to find herself in the future. Shao Yifeng said yes, and then he said that he could come and accompany him when he saw the game on the table. He played games, Lin Jiaojiao was surprised, Shao Yifeng could play games, and said that Ye Angyu played very well in games. Then Shao Yifeng hugged Lin Jiaojiao, and Lin Jiaojiao asked Shao Yifeng to eat quickly. At this time, Ye Angjia’s face looked on. very bad.

In the evening, Xu Jiaxiu and Ye Angjun were playing ball. The two talked about the past. It turned out that Xu Jiaxiu was not reminding himself before, but through Director Lu to persuade himself not to continue chasing Lu Jia. The next day, Ye Angtong showed Xu Jiaxiu the animation images. Xu Jiaxiu was not satisfied with the first cartoon character, nor the second one. Then the third one was a picture of a tree. Xu Jiaxiu was very satisfied with this design. Ye Angjin said that he also liked this one very much. Xu Jiaxiu said that this one fits the meaning of picking up light. Later, Lin Jiaojiao and her colleagues saw that Ye Angjin and Xu Jiaxiu had reconciled and were very happy. Lu Jia came to Xu Jiaxiu’s company and everyone was at work. At this time, Shao Yifeng also came to the company, but he did not see Lin Jiaojiao because everyone was busy.

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