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The Secret of My Love 我男人的秘密

The Secret of My Love
Other Title:  我男人的秘密

Genres: drama
Channel U
Release Date: 
28 Sep 2020
Related Show:


  • Song Chang Eui
  • Kang Se Jung
  • Kim Da Hyun
  • Park Jung Ah

It has been 14 years since Ruling has gone missing, and Pu Zhishu still blames Hailing for the incident. While putting up posters to find Ruling, Qi Ruila’s scooter almost hits her.

When she was a child, Hailin took Rulin to go out, but left Rulin to go home alone. Rulin’s mother, Ji-sook, who lost her child many years later, went crazy trying to get Rulin back, and complained that Hailin deliberately abandoned Rulin. When Zhisook posted a missing person notice on the street, Cheryla almost ran into her.

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