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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 5 Recap

In just a few days, the father and the king violently, the mother and the concubine died tragically, and so many unexpected things happened around Xiao Chengxu, which made him feel very sad. Helan Mingyu was worried about looking for him everywhere. He saw Helan Mingyu invited her to drink with him. Helan Mingyu felt that drinking two people was better than drinking alone, so he drank with him. Xiao Chengxu’s drunk people were unconscious, and Xiao Chengxuan was carried back to his residence. He complained that Helan Mingyu drank too much of his brother. Helan Mingyu said that it was not that he made him drink too much, but the pressure of these days made him feel distressed.

To take care of the various matters after the death of his father and mother, and to take care of him in front of his younger brother, how could he not be physically and mentally exhausted? Xiao Chengxuan suddenly realized that he did not expect that Xiao Chengxu as an older brother would bear much more than himself. Helan Mingyu asked Xiao Chengxuan to guard the spirit and stayed to take care of Xiao Chengxu. I don’t know how long he slept, Xiao Chengxu finally woke up, he saw hot soup on the table, next to him was a note written by Helan Mingyu. The handwriting was neat and neat, the content was correct, and the lines were full of care and thoughtfulness. At this moment, Ming Yu opened the door and came in, Xiao Chengxu looked at her affectionately and thanked her.

In the face of the throne that was readily available, Xiao Chengrui was not eager for success. He was waiting for the best time because he knew that there were always people who were more anxious than himself. Sure enough, on this day, Xiao Chengyao and Xiao Chengtai brought a few brothers to Xiao Chengrui’s mansion and urged him to accept the support and become the king. He had to refuse but was framed by several brothers to the court. The minister of civil and military affairs was already waiting here. The second brother Xiao Chengli also persuaded him that the country cannot be ruled out for a day.

In governing the country, no one can match the brothers, so he should not refuse to resign, and he will inherit the Datong as soon as possible, and lead Dasheng to complete the legacy of the former king and realize the ideal of national peace and security. Xiao Chengtai and Xiao Chengyao also echoed in the hall. In this way, amidst the voices of the courtiers, Xiao Chengrui, the new king of Dasheng, sat on the throne. Xiao Chengxu and Xiao Chengxuan didn’t know the news. They only heard about it when they saw Xiao Chengrui’s eldest son Xiao Qihan enter the palace triumphantly.

Third brother ascended to the throne, then he must be related to the death of his mother concubine. In order to clarify the truth, two brothers Xiao Chengxu and Xiao Chengxuan came to the second prince Xiao Chengli and asked if there was anything left before the mother’s concubine died on that day, but Xiao Chengli denied it drippingly, saying only that Princess Mu let the other princes take care of it. The two brothers did not reveal anything else.

Not reconciled, Xiao Chengxu decided to face Xiao Chengrui in person to see what he could say. When they came to Xiao Chengrui’s house, they only saw He Lan Yunqi. He Lan Yunqi told them that the new emperor Xiao Chengrui came to the throne, and the twelfth camp was not peaceful and he needed to take care of all kinds of state affairs. She hoped that the two brothers Xiao Chengxu would be considerate of the third brother. Help him share his worries and say that he will take care of them as always. As the saying goes, the eldest wife is like a mother. In front of the third wife who has always loved them, the two brothers have nothing to say.

The new emperor Xiao Chengrui came to the throne and canonized the brothers and princes, expressing his willingness to work together with his brothers and ministers of civil and military affairs to go to Guochang. After the next dynasty, Xiao Chengrui took the initiative to find Xiao Chengxu, knowing that he must have a lot of questions, let him still be like before, not to be separated from himself, see Xiao Chengxu silent, he said that if Xiao Chengxu feels that he inherits the Datong is not open and upright, then Ask him to propose to the Minister of Civil and Military Affairs to dismiss him, and then drew out a dagger and handed the hilt to Xiao Chengxu, telling him that if he felt doubtful about his concubine, he would stab himself with this knife. Xiao Chengrui’s heart-minded approach blocked Xiao Chengxu’s full of doubts, and he hurriedly fell to his knees, expressing his determination to be faithful to the third brother.

Afterwards, Xiao Chengxuan complained that he had missed such a great opportunity for revenge. Xiao Chengxu sighed and said that there was no evidence that he really couldn’t bear to stab him into the third brother who had cared for him and taught him carefully. Xiao Chengxuan said frustratedly, now that the people around the father and mother are dead, where to find evidence. Xiao Chengxu thought of a person, Su Qiu, the maid next to his concubine. She hasn’t seen her these days, and her name is not on the burial list. There must be something strange about this matter, no matter how to find her.

The palace officials came to pass on the decree, and let the two brothers Xiao Chengxu move into the palace to live in, the good name said that the two were still young, and it is not suitable to become a mansion alone. Helan Yunqi specially selected the Dongmingyuan with the best conditions for them to live in, and brought the palace maid to arrange and settle in person, and also taught them to study homework and practice martial arts. Xiao Chengxuan couldn’t help but said the third brother’s right or wrong, and put them under his eyelids. He Lan Yunqi’s expression suddenly became unsightly, Xiao Chengxu hurriedly stopped him.

After Helan Yunqi took the people away, the two of them were familiar with the environment in the yard. Helan Mingyu’s voice came from outside the courtyard. It turned out that Helan Mingyu was eating jujube with a slingshot next door. Xiao Chengxu came here and Helan Mingyu was enthusiastic. Inviting him to eat cakes means that the days to come will be sweet. The princess Su Yuying was jealous that Xiao Chengxu had a soft spot for Helan Mingyu, and ran to cause trouble. Xiao Chengxu sent him away with a few words, and she took Mingyu to the racecourse to select horses.

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