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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 2 Recap

Xiao Chengrui rescued Helan Wanyin Dasheng and Yonglin signed an alliance agreement

Situ Kun mistakenly thought that Helan Mingyu had a disease, and eagerly sent her away. In this way, Helan Mingyu and Ling Zhen’er put Xiao Chengxi and Doctor Lin in the box and left the Xiqi Palace. When he arrived in a safe zone, Xiao Chengxu realized that he was being used from start to finish, and it became an aid to Helan Mingyu’s marriage destruction. Helan Mingyu said that this was his willingness. Xiao Chengxi wanted her to take herself to Yonglin. After all, his third brother Xiao Chengrui married her sister Helan Yunqi. They were relatives, but Helan Mingyu ignored it.

According to the agreement with Helan Mingyu, Helan Wanyin has been waiting for her at the appointed place, but he has been so worried about not seeing her back. At this time, a group of Xiqi men and horses came in the distance, and Helan Wanyin hurriedly took her maid Xiangqin into hiding. Unexpectedly, he fell into the trap they dug. Xiao Chengrui, the little king of Western Qi, was about to harm her. Xiao Chengrui showed up with his troops. The soldiers who killed Xiqi captured Situ Cheng and asked his subordinates to bring a message to King Xiqi and exchange antidote for Situ Cheng. Knowing that the princess who had been rescued by herself was the princess of Yonglinguo, Xiangqin reported to her family that it was Helan Mingyu, and sent someone to escort her home.

In the Dasheng Palace, Madam Lin had already taken the medicine for Xiao Shangyuan, and Xiao Chengrui came back just in time to hear his father’s praise full of Xiao Chengxu, and his face suddenly disappeared. Upon seeing this, Princess Mu quietly told Xiao Chengxu not to be defenseless against Xiao Chengrui. After all, they were not the brothers of the same compatriot, but Xiao Chengxi didn’t listen to it. Helan Mingzhe was very angry when he learned that Helan Mingyu and Helan Wanyin had exchanged their identities and broke into Xiqi. He asked Ling Zhen’er. Helan Mingyu begged to let her stay. How did she agree? It turns out that Ling Zhen’er was the daughter of the prime minister of Mu Qingzhou. Mu Qingzhou was destroyed by Xiqi. It was Helan Mingyu who rescued her by the side of the road. Ling Zhen’er once vowed to heaven that he would stay with Helan Mingyu forever. Protect her well. In order to punish them, Helan Mingzhe punished Helan Mingyu to copy the scriptures a hundred times, which made Helan Mingyu very upset.

Helan Wanyin heard that Helan Mingyu came to thank him for helping him escape the marriage. When she talked about being rescued by En Gong in the woods, Helan Mingyu could see that she was obsessed with this kindness, and Helan Wanyin did not deny it. Brother Helan Keyong told them that sisters He Lan Yunqi and Xiao Chengrui were going back to visit relatives, and the sisters were very happy. Yonglin is located between Dasheng and Xiqi, adjacent to the beams in the south, and the terrain is difficult to defend and difficult to attack. There are copper resources in the territory and rich in excellent war horses, so it is coveted by the three parties. Helan Mingzhe didn’t dare to compete with the three parties, except that the land was sparsely populated. And this time Xiao Chengrui came back to save relatives, in fact, to sign an alliance contract with Yonglin.

He Lan Yunqi knew this very well in her heart. She had prepared a lot of gifts to return to Yonglin. Knowing that King Dasheng wanted Yonglin to make an alliance with them, Helan Yunqi said that she would do her best to help Xiao Chengrui achieve what she wanted, and the two were in love. Xiao Chengxu ran to ask Xiao Chengrui to take him to Yonglin. Xiao Chengrui agreed, but he was not allowed to cause trouble. Since the last goodbye, Xiao Chengxu has been thinking about Helan Mingyu. This time he is finally going to Yonglin, and he is looking forward to it.

Helan Mingyu and Xiao Chengxu met again on the grassland. Xiao Chengxi also snatched her safflower. Helan Mingyu was in a hurry. He robbed her of the safflower but he wanted to beg her! Xiao Chengxi simply returned the safflower to her. He hoped that his future wife would be gentle and virtuous, not as aggressive as her. Although Xiao Shangyuan’s poison was cured, but his health was not very good, Princess Mu heard that the hot spring water was good for recuperation and decided to go to the other hospital with him to soak in the hot spring. Helan Mingyu was very happy to see Helan Yunqi. The two held hands to reminisce about the past. Helan Wanyin was a little uneasy on the side, Helan Mingyu hurriedly pulled her forward. He Lan Wanyin found Xiao Chengrui walking by, and the maid said that he was Dasheng’s Third Highness, Helan Yunqi’s husband, and Helan Wanyin also recognized that he was the benefactor who saved him that day.

In the evening, He Lan Yunqi followed Xiao Chengxu’s suggestion to find grandfather Helan Mingzhe, and told him the prosperity of Dasheng she had seen with her own eyes, and said that although she was married to Dasheng, she still cares about mediocrity. Forming an alliance is a good thing for everyone. . Helan Wanyin told Helan Mingyu that she had seen the benefactor, but he turned out to be their brother-in-law! Helan Wanyin was very sad, and he called Helan Mingyu and couldn’t tell anyone, just as if this had never happened. Yonglin and Dasheng reached an alliance agreement. He Lan Yunqi said that it was thanks to Xiao Chengxu reminding her to be moved by Helan Mingzhe.

Xiao Chengrui received the letter and learned that although Xiao Shangyuan was poisoned for too long, although he was detoxified, it only temporarily saved his life. Xiao Chengrui hurried back to Dasheng, but let He Lan Yunqi take Xiao Chengxu to stay here for a while. Helan Wanyin has been hiding in the room all this time and refused to come out to meet people, which caused Helan Mingyu’s headache. She and Xiao Chengrui were so obsessed when they met. Helan Mingyu was a little puzzled. She couldn’t help but think of Xiao Chengxu. At this moment, Xiao Chengxu came to look for her.

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