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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 32 Recap

Su Wenli learned from Xiao Taozi that Ding Rushan was still alive. She asked Zihao what happened. Zihao said that he had just come downstairs to play with Suyun wearing a mask. The two dispersed to hunt for treasure, but a man He gave him a bunch of candied haws, changed his mask, and took his clothes. Su Wenli guided Zihao step by step. Zihao remembered that the person who appeared tonight was the one who was with Wen Fei. Su Wenli understood everything in an instant. The person who killed Axiang was Ding Rushan and Ding Rushan. The target is Suyun, he used Axiang’s death to write her a war letter, in order to lure her here, Ding Rushan is near them.

Xiao Tan and Lao Song did not know Ding Rushan. Ding Rushan got into Lao Song and Xiao Tan’s car. He sat beside Suyun in the back seat of the car. Su Wenli learned of Ding Rushan’s whereabouts from the concierge. Panicked in her heart, she asked Xiao Taozi to call Uncle Xiang immediately, and when Suyun arrived home, she closed the doors and windows tightly.

Uncle Xiang had already rested. He didn’t receive a call from Xiao Taozi, and Xiao Tan didn’t know what happened. He only sent Suyun home and left. As everyone knows, Ding Rushan returned to Su Wenli’s home again after getting off the car. He borrowed the phone from Su Yun and entered Su Wenli’s home. The first thing he did was to cut off the phone line and lied to call him. Mrs. Qiu, Mrs. Qiu has sent someone to deliver the key, and he stayed at Su Wenli’s house waiting for the key.

While chatting with Suyun, Ding Rushan wanted to attack Suyun. Fortunately, Uncle Xiang suddenly woke up. He went downstairs to pour water. Ding Rushan stopped seeing someone at home. Suyun wanted to send Ding Rushan away, but Uncle Xiang Stopping Suyun, she went out to send Ding Rushan off. After Ding Rushan left, Su Wenli and Luo Qiuheng hurried home. They couldn’t find Ding Rushan. They were very vigilant about this and determined to protect Suyun.

At the Yaji Antique Store, Xu Lepeng was paralyzed on a chair and unable to move. A man slowly approached Xu Lepeng and brutally killed him. Suyun also told Su Wenli all the details of Ding Rushan the next day. Lao Song and Xiao Tan even found a business card left by Ding Rushan in the car, whose name was the Yaji Antique Shop. The Yaji Antique Store was opened by Ding Rushan before he escaped from prison. Even if it was a trap, Su Wenli had to go ahead and find out. Xiao Taozi accompanied Su Wenli. Su Wenli informed Luo Qiuheng to take the first step. I rushed to the antique shop and found the body in the antique shop.

Su Wenli concluded that Xu Lepeng’s death was caused by Ding Rushan. She looked at the broken glass and cabinet in the room and thought that Ding Rushan was here to find something. Luo Qiuheng asked the body to be sent to the forensic clinic for examination. For the sake of Su Wenli’s safety, he wanted Su Wenli to go home first. Su Wenli was unwilling to go home until Luo Qiuheng assured that he would share all the investigation results with Su. Wenli, Su Wenli just left obediently. For the sake of safety, Luo Qiuheng asked Su Wenli to walk through the back door. Su Wenli found a photo of Ding Rushan on the door. She secretly collected the photo and took it back to the villa.

Su Wenli studied the photos at home. There are five people in the photos, one is Ding Rushan and the other is Xu Lepeng, but the other three Su Wenli don’t know each other. Su Wenli is now named by Luo Qiuheng not to enter the scene. Lao Song accompanied Xiao Tan Zi to the scene to search for clues again. He went to the morgue and learned that Xu Lepeng’s nostrils were injured to death by a sharp three-sided arrowhead, and there were still two small pieces in his nostrils. Bronze products.

Xiao Taozi and Lao Song found a piece of jade pendant missing at the scene of the crime. There was a note left by a tomb robber in the jade pendant box. Su Wenli got this note, and she decided to go to St. John’s University to check it. Luo Qiuheng also re-investigated Wen Fei’s case and found the lucky Li Yujuan who had escaped from Ding Rushan. Li Yujuan told Luo Qiuheng about the events of the year. Ten years ago, she was only twelve years old.

At that time, Ding Rushan took the initiative to talk to her and gave her a circus ticket as a birthday present. She sympathized with Ding Rushan’s daughter and followed He went to the circus together, but on the way Ding Rushan said that he had opened an antique shop and took Li Yujuan with him, and Li Yujuan fainted when Ding Rushan poured a cup of sour plum soup in the antique shop. How did she escape? She didn’t know, only that a girl saved her.

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